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ETA – EM3707 – DC/DC module with integrated passive components

ETA - EM3707 - DC/DC-Modul

With ETA solutions we provide ICs related to power supply. Their portfolio is covering many categories like DC/DC converters, AC/DC controllers, LDOs, Battery Management and PMICs.

Today we would like to introduce a special DC/DC Converter. The EM3707 series features buck modules which include besides the digital controlling parts and power MOSFETs also the passive components in one small package to ease your design!


The EM3707 Core Features

The EM3707/A/B is a high-efficiency step-down buck converter module. It is based on ETAs ETA3707 buck converter with built-in power MOSFETs, inductor and capacitor. The integrated structure simplifies the power system design.

ETA - EM3707 - DC/DC-Modul

The EM3707/EM3707T can provide programmable output voltages from 1.2V to 3.3V, and capable to deliver up to 1A of output current.

The EM3707A/EM3707AT can provide programmable output voltages from 0.7V to 3.1V, and capable to deliver up to 500mA of output current.

The EM3707B/EM3707BT can provide programmable output voltages from 0.5V to 1.9V, and capable to deliver up to 500mA of output current.

The core features of the whole series:

  • Wide input voltage range: 2.1V-5.5V
  • Less than 450nA typical quiescent current
  • Integrated MOSFETs, inductor and capacitor
  • Up to 1A(EM3707) and 500mA(EM3707A/B) maximum output current
  • Up to 94% efficiency
  • 2MHz switching frequency
  • Programmable output voltage
  • Adaptive COT control
  • Ultra-fast load transient response
  • High Efficiency PFM mode at light load
  • Over current protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Similar DFN3x3 package with 1.2mm and 0.91mm package thickness
  • Datasheet

What makes the EM3707 special?

Constant-on-Time (COT) Control

EM3707 series adopts an adaptive COT control scheme that enables fast transient response and provides a very smooth transition when the output varies from light load to heavy load. The adaptive COT control also maintains a constant switching frequency across line and load. The internal soft-start control circuitry reduces inrush current.

Light Load Operation

Traditionally, a DC/DC regulator always switches with a fixed constant frequency in PWM mode even in light output load condition. When energy is shuffling back and forth through the power MOSFET, power is lost due to the finite Rdson of the MOSFET and parasitic capacitances. At light load, this loss is prominent and efficiency is therefore very low. During light load, EM3707 goes into a PFM mode (Pulse Freqency Modulation) that saves switching loss to achieve high efficiency.


Output Voltage Selection

The output voltage of EM3707 can be programmed by the three pins VSEL1, VSEL2 andVSEL3. These 3 Pins give options from 0.5V up to 3.3V, depending on which IC you choose. For the EM3707/EM3707T there are the common voltages of 1.2, 1.4, 1.8, 2.1, 2.5, 2.8, 3, 3.3V available.

Small all-in-one DCDC

EM3707/A/B is available in similar DFN3x3 package with 1.21mm or 0.91mm thickness. So on less than 9mm³ the DCDC Converter, the MOSFETs, the inductor and capacitor are integrated.

PCB Layout recommendation

In the manufacturer’s PCB design recommendation, you can see that only one capacitor is enough to make the voltage converter work!


Out of the in the datasheet listed derivatives the EM3707FL3I (Iout=1A max, Vout: 1.2V … 3.3V, package height 1.2mm) is now available with a delivery time of 12 weeks on reels of 4000 pieces. More derivatives will follow soon.

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