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EPSON – Sensors: Industrial Inertial-Measurement-Units


To meet the ever-increasing demands on the positioning accuracy and speed of industrial robots, Epson offers inertial measurement units (IMUs) designed for use in industrial applications and very stable gyroscopes. The sensor portfolio is complemented by highly sensitive acceleration sensors.


The IMUs have the great advantage that units for calibration and compensation are already integrated, as well as the integrated filters for signal pre-processing. This significantly reduces the load on the host processor.




Furthermore, this enables users to successfully and quickly realize developments, even if a complete IP for sensor fusion is not yet available at the start of a project. For direct outdoor use, Epson also offers so-called “rugged” versions of the products in IP67 classified housings.


With the market launch of the current IMU generation, Epson has further improved the parameters bias stability and ARW at the M-G365, while optimizing the price at the same time. The following table gives you a first impression of whether the M-G365 is suitable for your application:



QMEMS – Epson´s proprietary technology

QMEMS – The competitive advantage of Epson’s products lies in this manufacturing technology – a combination of quartz and MEMS. Epson applies quartz material to a semiconductor MEMS substrate in a microprocessing to create a quartz structure, which is called QMEMS. This takes advantage of the accuracies of etching processes like those used in semiconductor technology to manufacture in very tight tolerances, creating the basis for highly sensitive and stable sensors.


Fields of application:

  • SAT antennas stabilization
  • Robots
  • Image stabilization
  • CubeSat
  • Construction machinery
  • Precision agriculture


In the next newsletter we will introduce the Epson Gyro products. If you don’t want to wait, contact us now on more details on Epson’s complete sensor portfolio!

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