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EPSON – Sensors: Accelerometer M-A352

After introducing Epson’s IMU sensors and gyroscope sensors in the last two weeks, we’d like to take a closer look at Epson’s newest accelerometer this week:

Due to the very high sensitivity and extrem low inherent noise, the Epson’s new 3 axis accelerometer M-A352 can be used in applications with have special requirements for sensitivity like structural health monitoring of buildings or pre earthquake detection. The difference between the Epson accelerometer and a conventional Si-MEMS sensor is shown in the graph below in terms of noise.

Limits of the typical criteras for ambient vibrations from VC-A to VC-E  are undercut with a large signal margin and enable a completely new quality of measurement data.


In order to be able to validate this extremely good performance of the Epson M-A352, measurements at particularly low-vibration locations, such as in mines, are necessary.

The basis for this high-precision sensor element are quartz crystal microstructures which are manufactured using Epson’s QMEMS technology – already presented with the IMUs two weeks ago – and combined with an integrated temperature compensation over a very wide temperature range.

Compared to previous generations, Epson was able to significantly increase the measurement bandwidth from 100Hz to 460Hz in this new product. Robustness against mechanical shock has also been increased to 1000G for easier handling and more robust solutions.

With the additional parameters in the following table, you can get an initial idea of whether the M-A352 three axis accelerometer is suitable for your application:

Product name



48 x 24 x 16 mm


25 grams

Noise Density

0,2 µGrms/√Hz @ 0,5Hz ~ 6Hz

Input Range

±15 G


0,06 µG/LSB

Bandwidth [-6dB]

460 Hz (Max.)

Data Output Rate

1000 Sps (Max.)

Shock survivability

1000 G

Digital Serial Interface


Operating Temperature Range

-30 to +85 °C

Power Consumption

13,2 mA (typ.) @3,3V

Output Mode Selection (each axis)

Acceleration, Tilt Angle


  • Seismic measurements
  • Structural Health Monitoring (Bridges, Skyscrapers, old buildings, water dam)
  • Motion analysis and control
  • Earthquake detection

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