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Epson – Rugged Stratum 3 TCXOs / VC-TCXO

Munich, July 26, 2018 – Epson Europe Electronics GmbH (“Epson”) introduces TG-5500CA and TG-5501CA TCXOs and VC-TCXOs with a frequency TG-5501CArange of 10-50 MHz.

Using Epson’s patented DoubleSeal™ technology, Epson’s TG-550x TCXOs and VC-TCXOs are designed for network synchronization, small cell and microwave radio applications where stability over varying environmental conditions is an essential consideration. 

With ±250 ppb temperature stability over -40 to +85 °C, 6×10-11 @ 1s root Allan variance and < ±10 ppb 24-hour holdover, Epson’s TG-550x TCXOs and VC-TCXOs deliver the stability needed to meet the latest networking standards:

  • Wireless: S3 and 3GPP LTE home-area femtocell radios
  • SONET BITS/SETS: GR-1244-CORE Stratum 3
  • Packet Timing (Network Sync.): G.8262 EEC-1 & EEC-2 and emerging G.826x & G.827x ITU-T specifications


Epson’s new TCXOs use a unique combination of crystal and package technologies in a 7 x 5 mm ceramic cavity to provide the ultimate in environmental isolation and low airflow sensitivity, making them ideal for synchronization applications. 


  • Tight temperature stability < ±250 ppb over -40 to +85 °C
  • Superior short-term stability and wander: 6×10-11 @ 1s root Allan variance
  • G.8262 EEC-1 and EEC-2 holdover compliance
  • Industrial temperature range -40 to +85 °C
  • Airflow and vibration environmental immunity from patented DoubleSeal™ technology

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