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Elec & Eltek – USB-C connectors more and more replace Micro-USB

Elec & Eltek – USB-C Connectors: As manufacturer of connectors for Ethernet and USB, as well as combined connectors, Elec & Eltek also offers USB-C standard jacks.

Elec & Eltek – USB-C Verbinder

Recently, the European Union decided that many electronic devices must be equipped with a type C USB port.

This will apply by 2024 in order to standardize the charging process, especially for mobile devices, and to find the way to a more sustainable consumer solution. The generation of electronic waste will be further minimized this way.

Who hasn’t experienced it? The first time you try to establish a USB connection of type A or B, the orientation is often incorrect and you first have to find the right alignment – usually in hard-to-reach places. This is a part of the past with USB-C.

The USB-C standard is generally becoming more and more popular, so that the use of this new connector should also be increasingly considered in embedded electronics development.

Standard products from Elec & Eltek

Type C USB connectors are offered in vertical (Y31-90057F) and horizontal (Y31-90058F) configuration. Both connectors are designed for:

  • 10000 plug-in cycles
  • operating temperature from -25° to +85°C
  • gold plated contact surfaces
  • power rating: 25W (@5V)
  • Robust THT board connection eliminates the need for a housing screw connection

In addition, Elec & Eltek offers project-based customized solutions. Our team will be happy to advise you on the realization of a suitable current limitation as well as protective circuitry for your USB-C solution.

About Elec & Eltek

EEMPL was established in 1993, initially producing power magnetic transformers. After an extensive development period, EEMPL expanded its product line to include data magnetics. Today, EEMPL manufactures a large and comprehensive range of high quality magnetic components, which includes connectors with integrated transformers, data and telecom transformers, magnetic power products, noise filters etc.

EEMPL products are widely specified for use in applications including Networks (LAN/WAN), Telecommunications, Broadband Access, Automotive and other industrial areas.

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