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E Ink Announces Color Portfolio for Smart Retail, Education and Consumer Electronics

New Print Color ePaper Now Available for eReader and Education Applications

BILLERICA, Mass.–E Ink Holdings, “E Ink” (8069.TW), the leading innovator of electronic ink technology, today announced the expansion of its color ePaper offerings to address applications within signage, retail, education and consumer electronics.

  • New printed Color Filter Array (CFA) technology
  • Alleviates need for a glass-based CFA > thinner and lighter while having higher optical quality
  • Alllows to combine traditional black & white panels with color
  • Enables quicker updates for animations and video
  • Writing tabletswith color highlighters, pens and markers
  • First generation achieves full color gamut using only colored pigments
  • Main advantage: low power, sunlight readability and a wide viewing angle


E Ink’s Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP™) is geared toward signage applications that benefit from the low power requirements of E Ink’s technology, along with color for a richer experience. The first generation of this technology achieves a full color gamut using only colored pigments. The richness of the colors is achieved by having all the colored pigments in every picture element (pixel). The ACeP™ platform maintains the ultra-low-power and paper-like readability of black and white E Ink ePaper. Current customers are using this technology in large retail promotional signage, where a light emissive display is not appropriate. E Ink has now made this technology available in a new developer’s kit, available through their online store.

E Ink is now offering smaller displays using the ACeP technology with a limited, but super saturated, color palette. These displays are geared toward Smart Retail applications; specifically for end-cap, store aisle and window promotions. Retailers are able to update store signage consistently with their shelf tags, and offer the most up-to-date pricing and promotion to customers. The high resolution, reflective display allows images, QR and barcodes, and text, with future sizes planned from small to mid-size, enabling detailed promotional information.

“E Ink is very excited to showcase this portfolio of new color products for Smart Signage, Retail and Education,” said Dr. FY Gan, President of E Ink. “E Ink has continued to invest in technology development throughout our history, and these new color offerings allow our customers greater flexibility in realizing their product visions.”

All of E Ink’s color offerings maintain the benefits inherent in ePaper displays: low power, sunlight readability and a wide viewing angle. More importantly, for reading intensive applications, as E Ink displays are reflective, and not emissive, long form reading and writing are benefited because ePaper does not emit blue light, which can damage the retina and disturb sleep patterns. As the power consumption of E Ink’s color displays are similar to that of traditional black and white displays, retailers can deploy signage in locations that are not hardwired, and easily move end cap signs from one location to another.

E Ink is sampling these color offerings to customers now, with several public deployments already in the market.

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