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Ineltek signs New Distribution Agreement with SPARK Microsystems

Distributionsvertrag SPARK Microsystems

We are happy to announce that we have signed a distribution agreement with SPARK Microsystems to support innovation for current and future ultra wide band (UWB) applications.

About SPARK Microsystems

Distributionsvertrag SPARK MicrosystemsSPARK Microsystems (Montreal, Canada) was founded in 2016 to bring their deep knowledge of wireless radio development into an innovative UWB radio design. To realize this exciting goal, SPARK Microsystems built a management and design team with broad, long-term experience in technology, successfully bringing its UWB products to market. SPARK Microsystems was also recently selected as finalist in the analog semiconductor category of highly-competitive 2021 Elektra Awards program.

“As highlighted by the recent recognition from Elektra Awards, Spark has a unique technology for UWB applications. Roll out of the products based on this exciting technology and gaining market acceptance requires broadening our sales footprint. We are excited that our agreement with Ineltek extends our ability to reach a broad base of customers in the region.”

Tom Spade, SPARK Microsystems CRO

Advantages of technology

SPARK Microsystems’ patented technology in low data rate applications (e.g., ranging) achieves 100x lower power consumption than today’s UWB radios. Compared with other technologies, like a BLE beacon, 40x power consumption gains are realized with a power consumption of 1nJ per bit.



Using the UWB approach, the SPARK Microsystems SR1000 product family achieve data rates of up to 20Mbps (e.g., for high quality audio / video applications). Today, these data rates cannot be realized with Bluetooth and can only be realized with WiFi at a completely different power consumption budget.



Don’t miss the chance to discuss the innovation for next generation in UWB now. Get in contact with us for more details and support in this exciting technology.

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