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Espressif – A quick start with dual-antenna! The ESP32-DevKitC V4 with the ESP32-WROOM-DA module

The ESP32 DevKitC V4 is now available for purchase with the ESP32-WROOM-DA module embedded in the DevKit. Espressifs ESP32-WROOM-DA comes with two PCB antennas, thus offering a high-quality, long-range wireless communication, while being pin-to-pin compatible with the ESP32-WROOM-32E.

We introduced the ESP32-WROOM-DA in our previous Newsletter before.

Here you can find additional Info on the module and what is inside.

Evaluation as usual

DevKitC ESP32 mit Antenna-Diversity

The ESP32 DevKitC V4 is basically identical to the other ESP32 DevKitC variants, with the main difference in its dual-antenna design.

In the picture you can see the usual DevKitC form factor and the two antennas.

As mentioned above the “DA” module is pin compatible to the standard WROOM module and the pinout of the kit is the same (here the general DevKitC pinout):

Why start with a DevKit from Espressif?

All in all, ESP32-DevKitC V4 has a lot of advantages:

  • high-quality, wireless connectivity across large areas, using its two complementary PCB antennas in different directions
  • low-power consumption modes
  • industry-leading technical specifications, such as the co-existence of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (Classic & Low-Energy) connectivity

Therefore, the users of ESP32-DevKitC V4 will be able to bring to life a wide range of complex IoT application scenarios.

We are happy to support you on the broad portfolio of Espressif and here presented dual-antenna (DA) module based on the widely used ESP32-WROOM-32E base specification.

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