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NEW AVR-IoT WG Application Board – best of SMART, CONNECTED & Secure combined in collaboration with the Google Cloud IoT Team – to get your application in the Cloud

IOT Board


The AVR-IOT WG evaluation board was designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of AVR and PIC microcontrollers in IOT (WiFi) Sensor Node solutions.

It was created by the AVR and PIC application teams in collaboration with the Google Cloud IoT Core team in order to provide an optimal “out of box” experience. This includes hardware and firmware design but also new Rapid Development tool modules (for START and MCC) and a smart web site ( connected to a “sandbox” account on the Google Cloud.

The fundamental innovation is represented by the use of a “Divide and Conquer” approach to IoT solutions, where smart modules (WINC1510, ATECC608A) offload the MCU from the complex networking protocols and crypto-authentication algorithms implementation.




This new approach reduces the overall application complexity and allows the user to focus on his core competency (sensor design, embedded control,…) lowering considerably the barrier of entry in world of cloud applications.


  • Effortless migration to the Cloud for embedded sensors and actuators (mechatronic) application
  • No need to become a networking guru!
  • No security compromises!
  • Code Generators automate IoT code development while reducing complexity
  • Robustness and low power!
  • Plug and play using Rapid Development tools: START and MCC
  • Seamless migration to hundreds of PIC and AVR models
  • Live Demo MPLAB Code Configurator!



To receive even more information of AVR-IOT WG evaluation board like technical data sheets, price information, etc. please contact an Ineltek office within your area or contact us at