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Configurable Op Amps: Precise, Flexible, Cost Effective and Easy to Design With



Dialog will soon sample their first Advanced Analog GreenPAK™ device – the first Programmable Mixed-Signal Matrix with configurable operational amplifiers and many other analog blocks.

The new SLG47004V combines all the goodness of our configurable logic resources plus three configurable op amps, two 1024 position rheostats, I2C, two analog switches, an analog temperature sensor and EEPROM into a 3 * 3 mm STQFN package. Multiple time programmable memory allows you to configure SLG47004 in-system or a pre-programmed solution.

Where can Advanced Analog GreenPAK be used ?

It is a great hardware-based solution for sensor front-ends, signal filtering, adjustable gain and offset interfaces, conversions, drift compensation. The SLG47004 allows you to use the rheostats to auto-trim any two analog signals such as amplifier gain and offset. Supported by our GreenPAK™ Designer software, its quick to configure, optimize, and test/evaluate your analog application.

All this adds up to making Advanced Analog GreenPAK precise, flexible, easy to use and very cost effective!

During the 1 hour webinar you’ll learn about the Advanced Analog GreenPAK

  • Applications & how it can enhance your system
  • How to evaluate and configure using the fantastic development tools including a live demo of the GreenPAK Designer (we’ll show you how simple and easy it is to use!)

SLG47004 production is scheduled for end of 2020.

If you’re new to the GreenPAK platform, you can also catch the recording of our recent GreenPAK introduction webinar following the link: