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Nuvoton – Audio solutions – Part 2: ISD voice ICs

Audio Lösungen von Nuvoton Teil 2Nuvoton offers a variety of different audio solutions. In the coming weeks, we would like to introduce you to the various products in a special series of articles on Nuvoton’s audio product portfolio.

In the second part of the series, we present here the ISD voice ICs of the BandDirector & ViewTalk Serie.

BandDirector Series

The BandDirector™ series is a multi-channel voice/MIDI product line with advanced wavetable melody synthesis technology for implementing voice/melody synthesizers with up to 16 channels.

Thanks to high-performance 8-bit μC core and advanced algorithms, this series delivers high-quality melody and sound effects. 

Audio Lösungen von Nuvoton BandDirectorBesides hardware features such as SPI interface with Serial Interface Management (SIM) to connect external memory, H/W PWM I/O, high-sink I/O ports, IR carrier, LVR and WDT it also offers various timbre libraries and MIDI effects suitable for toy instruments and organ applications.

Application Example

As an example of the series N567H330 can synthesize 4 channels speech + melody simultaneously due to its integrated 8-bit microprocessor & dedicated H/W.

The two channels of synthesized speech can be in different formats, such as ADPCM and MDPCM. The N567H330 can emulate characteristics of musical instruments, such as piano and violin, via high quality 4-channel wavetable melody.  More diverse melody effects are implemented such as modulation, vibrato, tone inflection and others. The output of the voice/melody channels is mixed to create varied effects via the digital mixer on the chip.  With these hardware resources, the N567H330 is especially suitable for high-end and sophisticated scenario applications.

ViewTalk® Series

Nuvoton’s ViewTalk® series integrates a speech/melody synthesizer and an LCD driver.  It is designed to implement high-quality sound and display effects with an enhanced 8-bit μC. enhanced speech/melody synthesizer and LCD controller with voltage steps (bias).Audio Lösungen von Nuvoton ViewTalk


The ViewTalk® series LCD controller delivers key features such as 1k- to 2K dot COM-SEG, B/W or gray scale with bias voltage steps. In addition, a dual page video RAM enables smooth animation playback.

The SPI with SIM feature to connect an external memory, H/W PWM I/O, high-sink heatsink I/O ports, IR carrier, WDT and LVR let the development engineer realize a solution with only few external components.

Application Example

The N538A340, as an example from the ViewTalk® Series, offer a speech and melody synthesizer with up to 8 channels and a LCD driver for 64-SEG x 16-COM lines with a pump circuit and the two-sided dedicated LCD RAM. The N538A340 can synthesize 8 channels of melody or speech (max 2 of these channels can be speech, the rest is dedicated to melody) and drive an LCD simultaneously. The N538A340 accepts MIDI scores in MIDI format 0 and has multiple power modes to minimize power dissipation based on different voice, melody and LCD requirements. This combination makes this IC ideal for toys, e-learning applications or home appliances.

Nuvoton Audio

As mentioned at the beginning, in addition to these solutions specialized in voice recording and playback, Nuvoton offers interesting products for almost any functional block of an application with audio signals. No matter if you need high quality audio ADCs, ICs for connecting digital microphones, CODECs, SoCs for integrated audio pre-processing like noise or echo cancellation, headphone amplifiers or audio amplifiers up to 20W with integrated DSP – you will almost always find something matching your application.

Follow our series of articles or contact us now to learn more about the various audio solutions from Nuvoton.

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