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Atmel Launches 5V Cortex-M0+ MCU Family With Integrated Peripheral Touch Controller

Atmel | SMART SAM C20 and SAM C21 series MCUs are optimized for industrial automation, home appliances and other 5V applications using the 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+ processor, and ranging from 32- to 64-pins with up to 256KB Flash and 32KB of SRAM. The devices operate at a maximum frequency of 48MHz and reach 2.46 Coremark/MHz. They are designed for simple and intuitive migration with identical peripheral modules, hex compatible code, identical linear address map, and pin-compatible migration paths between all devices in the product series. All devices include intelligent and flexible peripherals, Atmel Event System for inter-peripheral signaling, and support for capacitive touch button, slider and wheel user interfaces.

The SAM C family of devices are also pin compatible to the SAM D family of general purpose Cortex-M0+ microcontrollers.


SAM C20 device details

The overview shows Flash and SRAM combinations, package options and feature set.

Atmel SAM C20 device details













 SAM C21 device details

The overview shows Flash and SRAM combinations, package options and feature set.

Atmel SAM C21 device details













Atmel Studio and Atmel Software Framework

The SAM C20 and SAM C21 are fully supported in Atmel® Studio and Atmel Software Framework.


SAM C21 Xplained Pro

Atmel SAM C21 Xplained Pro


The SAM C21 Xplained Pro is available from the Ineltek webshop, . The SAM C21 Xplained Pro uses the 64-pin 256KB Flash SAMC21J18A-AU and features an on-board debugger/programmer, selectable 3.3V/5V operation, Arduino shield compatible, on-board LIN transceivers, on-board CAN transceivers, on-board capacitive touch button, and selectable Sigma Delta ADC reference voltage.

The order code is ATSAMC21-XPRO.


Peripheral Touch Controller


The on-board Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC) offers a highly integrated, EMC robust and easy-to-use 5V capacitive touch solution. Together with the QTouch development tools, this solution has caused many major home appliance and automotive vendors to embrace the SAM D family for their capacitive touch user interface designs. With the introduction of the SAM C series, an even more efficient implementation of the PTC is becoming available, leading the way for capacitive touch sensing technology for customers that needs 5V operating voltage.


A preliminary release of the PTC library will be made available from Atmel in July. The production version will be made available prior to the production release of the SAM C family.


IEC 60730 Class B Compliance


IEC 60730 is a safety standard for household appliances, also referred to as IEC 60335. There are three levels of certification:

  • Class A – not intended to be relied upon for safety
  • Class B – intended to prevent hazard if fault occurs
  • Class C – same as class B but without the use of other protective devices

Class B is most relevant to household appliance, and a class B compliant safety library will be made available from Atmel prior to releasing the SAM C family to production.


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