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Atmel Expands ARM Cortex-M0+ based Family with Three New Product Series

At Embedded World in Nuremberg, Atmel introduced the SAM D10, SAM D11 and SAM D21 series of embedded Flash microcontrollers (MCU), expanding the Atmel® ARM® Cortex®-M0+ based SAM D family from the 15 SAM D20 devices shipping in volume now to a total of 39 devices. With this new range of lower-end ARM Cortex based devices Atmel will have a complete MCU offering, including the best 8-bit products available as well as a Cortex-M0+ family that sets a new benchmark for flexibility, functionality, compatibility and ease of use.

In addition to new pinout and memory options, the three new series introduce additional functionality on top of the SAM D20 series unique Event System, SERCOM module, and Peripheral Touch Controller. Among the added functionality is Full Speed USB 2.0 device and embedded host, DMA, I2S, Timers/Counters for Control applications, increased I2C speed with support for SMBus and PMBus, UART with autobaud and IrDA support, and Micro Trace Buffer for easy debugging. The USB device can run from the internal RC Oscillator, simplifying design and reducing external circuitry. All SAM D devices are code- and pin-compatible, making it easy to migrate both up and down the family.

The SAM D21 series will be available in 32-, 48-, and 64-pin QFN and TQFP packages and will range from 32KB to 256KB of Flash. The SAM D21 series devices are pin-compatible with the SAM D20, while adding all the new features listed above.

The SAM D11 series will be available in 14- and 20-pin SOIC and 24-pin QFN packages and will be available with 8KB and 16KB of Flash. Both memory options will feature 4KB of SRAM. The SAM D11 series includes all the features listed above except the USB embedded host. The SAM 10 series is identical to the SAM D11 series, but does not feature a USB device.


Atmel SAM D – A complete family of easy-to-use ARM Cortex-M0+ based MCUs

The three new SAM D series extend the Atmel ARM Cortex based MCU portfolio—closing the gap between the Atmel megaAVR® and AVR® XMEGA® and the SAM3 and SAM4 products—and expanding Atmel’s addressable market. SAM D family features include:

  • High performance
    • ARM Cortex-M0+ processor
    • 48MHz operation
    • 2.14 CoreMark/MHz
    • Single Cycle IO Access
    • 4-8 channel Event System
    • 4-8 channel DMA
  • Robust peripheral set
    • Up to 6 SERCOM modules configurable as UART/USART, SPI or I2C
      • I2C up to 3.4MHz
      • IrDA and autobaud support on UART
    • 12Mbps USB 2.0 device and embedded host
    • 2 channel I2S with 96MHz fractional PLL for audio streaming
    • Up to 8 16-bit Timer/Counters
    • Up to 3 16-bit Timers/Counters optimized for control applications
    • Peripheral Touch Controller that supports up to 256 channels and supports buttons, sliders, wheels, and proximity
    • 32-bit Real Time Clock (RTC) and Calendar with leap year correction
    • 12-bit 350ksps ADC, 10-bit 350 ksps DAC, and analog comparators
  • Low power
    • <70µA/MHz
    • Options between internal and external oscillators and on-the-fly clock switching
    • Atmel SleepWalking
  • Free software tools from Atmel, including Atmel Studio and Atmel Software Framework
    • Micro Trace Buffer
    • Serial Wire Debug
    • Xplained Pro Boards

SAM D Target Applications and End Products

  • Board controllers
  • Human/Machine interfaces
  • Wireless applications
  • Games/Toys
  • White goods
  • Set-top boxes
  • Motor control
  • Lighting
  • Sensor interfaces
  • Medical
  • Electric tools
  • Appliances/Small electronics
  • Computer infrastructure, fan control, optical transceivers


  32-pinSAM D21E 48-pinSAM D21G 64-pinSAM D21J 14-pinSAM D10C
Flash 32-256KB 32-256KB 32-256KB 8-16KB 8-16KB 8-16KB
SRAM 4-16KB 4-32KB 4-32KB 4KB 4KB 4KB
Event System 12-ch 12-ch 12-ch 4-ch 4-ch 4-ch
DMA 8-ch 8-ch 8-ch      
SERCOM (I2C, USART,SPI) 4 6 6 2 3 3
I2S and FPLL 2-ch 2-ch 2-ch
FS USB embedded host Yes Yes Yes
FS USB device Yes Yes Yes SAM D11 SAM D11 SAM D11
Timer/Counter 6 6 8 2 3 3
Timer/Counter for control 3 3 3 1 1 1
12-bit 350ksps ADC 6-ch 12-ch 16-ch 6-ch 8-ch 8-ch
10-bit 350ksps DAC 1-ch 1-ch 1-ch 1-ch 1-ch 1-ch
GPIO 26 38 54 12 18 22
Capacitive touch channels Up to 48 Up to 144 Up to 256 Up to 12 Up to 42 Up to 72

Product Availability

The largest memory density for all pin-outs and packages of the SAM D21 devices will be open for sampling Feb 26th. The SAM D21 will start shipping to mass production in May.

SAM D10 and SAM D11 samples will be available towards the end of Q2. The SAM D10 and SAM D11 will start shipping to mass production in October.

All products available now are -40-85°C.  105°C versions will be introduced towards the end of 2014.

The SAM D21 Xplained Pro is available now. The Xplained Pro boards include an embedded debugger and programmer and have a wide range of compatible extensions. If you prefer to use a standalone programmer debugger, the Atmel SAM-ICE™ product fully supports the SAM D family. SAM D products are fully supported by Atmel Studio and Atmel Software Framework.

How to Read SAM D Part Numbers