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3PEAK – Analogue, Signal Chain, Interface, Power-Management & MCU

Analog, Signal-Chain, Interface & Power-Management

3PEAK was founded in Shanghai in 2008 and since then has dedicated itself to the development of ICs in the areas of analogue, signal chain, interface, power, power management, mixed-signal front-end and microcontrollers.

Today, over 1600 products are already available. Over 70% of employees work in research and development in 9 development centres. In 2023, 3Peak opened offices in America, Japan, Korea and is planning an EMEA office for this year.  In addition, in 2023, after two years of development, 3Peak launched two MCU families with in total 26 derivatives, the TPS325M0 series and the TPS325M5 series.

Portfolio overview

The 3PEAK portfolio covers almost every area of an analogue signal chain, power supply, communication interfaces or driver ICs. The following diagram illustrates the different product groups


Amplifiers (OPs)

It becomes immediately apparent how broad 3PEAK’s portfolio is. In the area of amplifiers, almost all types can be found, so that your developers can quickly find the right product based on the most important parameters, including many “classics” such as LM321, LM324, LM358, but also high-quality OPs optimised for zero-drift, low-noise, high-speed or high-voltage. Bidirectional zero-drift shunt measuring amplifiers or amplifiers with high common-mode voltage up to 285V can also be found in the portfolio.


In the field of converters, both high sampling rates (up to 50 Msps @ 10 bit) and high resolution (up to 24 bit @ 4ksps) are offered. The ADCs and DACs are complemented by combined ADC/DACs.

Analogue front-ends with e.g. 8 channels (16 bit @ 1 Msps), with +/-10V bipolar inputs as well as PGA and intelligent pre-processing (filter) complete the product range.

Interface ICs

3PEAK offers transceivers for widely used interfaces such as RS485, RS422, RS232 or CAN. For applications requiring electrical isolation, various digital isolator ICs are available for transmission rates up to 100Mbit/s at 5kVrms and CMTI>150kV/µs. Currently 3PEAK is working on the combination of transceivers and isolators.

TPS32 Microcontroller

All current derivatives of the TPS325 MCU family are based on the STAR-MC1 ARM core. This is from the 8th ARM generation and has an instruction set compatible with the M33. With a main clock of up to 156MHz, dual-bank flash up to 2MB, 12Bit ADCs @ 2.5Msps, 12Bit DAC & integrated rail-to-rail OP amps (x64 gain and typ. 19MHz GBW) they are suitable for a wide range of applications.

The TPS325M5 family differs from the TPS325M0 family mainly by the TPSensor® peripherals for capacitive touch. 3PEAK also offers its own tool for tuning in your application.

For development, IAR and Keil are supported together with the TPS32 SDK from 3PEAK. FreeRTOS is also offered by 3PEAK for the TPS325 MCUs.

Power supply & monitoring

For the power segment, LDOs are available either with Vin up to 42V or Iout up to 3A as well as Buck-DC/DC converters for up to 60V@5A.

Voltage supervisor ICs with and without watchdog function are available with different reset thresholds. Also available: precision shunt regulators compatible with the TL431 as well as voltage references with 0.15% accuracy, 30ppm/°C drift and low output noise (e.g. 50µVpp at Vout=2.5V) for an operating temperature range from -40 to 125°C.

Driver ICs

Full-bridge motor drivers up to 17V / 1A, low-side gate drivers (for MOSFETs/IGBT) as well as 7 / 8 channel low-side switch arrays (ULN2003 compatible) form the final part of the product range.

In addition to the products currently available for industrial applications, the first automotive qualified ICs are available as well as many more on the current roadmap.

We would be happy to advise you on Analog, Signal-Chain, Interface & Power-Management parts from the 3PEAK product portfolio for your next product development or find suitable available alternative components for already finished designs.

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