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AMIC – Statement for 4Mb LP SRAM and 16Mb SPI NOR Flash long term availability

Dear valuable customer dear partner,

Amic Technology corp. is pleased to announce the following 4Mb LP SRAM and 16Mb SPI NOR Flash re-production in 2019.

LP62S16256G series (4Mb 3.0 Volt 256K x 16 BIT LP SRAM)

LP62S4096E series (4Mb 3.0 Volt 512K x 8 BIT LP SRAM)

A25L016 series (16Mb 3.0 Volt serial Flash with 4Kb sectors)

A25LQ16 series (16Mb 3.0 Volt serial Flash Dual/Quad-I/O with 4Kb sectors)

AMIC will do our best and work together with the third-party manufacturers to ensure the long-term supply of these products, in order to make sure the stability of customer production.

AMIC would like to produce the above parts as long as possible. Even if we could not produce these parts in the future, AMIC will follow common industry standards to take EOL procedure and provide our customer a LTB option to reduce the impact of production.

Please contact us for any queries you may have. We look forward to service you

Your AMIC Technology team