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Espressif – The next step in AIoT with the ESP32-S3-BOX


AIoT with the ESP32-S3

Espressif’s ESP32-S3 (here our Post about the S3) is almost in series production and it comes with a new special evaluation platform.

Espressif Systems has recently released an AI voice development kit called ESP32-S3-BOX, based on the ESP32-S3 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 5 (LE) SoC. It provides a platform for developing the control of smart devices with offline and online voice assistants. ESP32-S3-BOX is ideal for developing AIoT applications with reconfigurable AI voice functions, such as smart speakers, and IoT devices that achieve human-computer voice interaction directly.

The perfect solution to start directly

To quickly realize those functions, the ESP32-S3-BOX is also equipped with a variety of peripherals, such as a 2.4-inch display with a 320×240 resolution, a capacitive touch screen, a dual microphone, a speaker, and two Pmod-compatible headers which allow for the extensibility of the hardware. ESP32-S3-BOX also uses a Type-C USB connector that provides 5 V of power input, while also supporting serial and JTAG debugging, as well as a programming interface; all through the same connector.

In addition to ESP32-S3’s 512KB SRAM, ESP32-S3-BOX comes with 16MB of QSPI flash and 8MB of Octal PSRAM.

ESP32-S3-BOX features an online and offline voice assistant which can be used as either a stand-alone voice assistant, or a voice-enablement module that can be integrated into other devices.

Espressif’s ESP-Skainet SDK provides a reliable offline voice assistant that enables developers to configure up to 200 commands. Espressif’s Alexa for IoT SDK provides an easy way to integrate the Alexa functionality into IoT devices.


AIoT with the ESP32-S3


As already mentioned this Kit is based on the ESP32-S3 SoC.See the main features regarding the SoC:

  • WiFi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n-compliant)
  • BLE 5 (mesh, Long range, PHY w/ 2Mbps support)
  • Xtensa® 32­bit LX7 dual­core processor with a five-stage pipeline
    • Mainclock  up to 240 MHz
    • 384 KB ROM
    • 512 KB SRAM
  • Security
    • Flash encryption
    • Secure boot
    • Hardware cryptographic accelerators
  • Wide set of peripherals
    • 12 bit SAR ADC, temperature sensor, DAC
    • I2C, SPI, UART, TWAI, I2S
    • 6 channel PWM

Besides the SoC used inside the S3-BOX, there are other SoC variants with integrated PSRAMs (0, 2 or 8MB) or with an 8MB Flash inside.

For your next HMI application (including voice recognition) you are interested in this Kit or Samples for the ESP32-S3 SoC or based modules? Get in contact with us.

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