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Active Semi’s Power Management IC solutions for Atmel ATSAMA5D3/D4 ARM based MPUs are short-term available and extend their Power Application Controller IC series (PAC) with PAC5223

Atmel’s SAMA5D3 Xplained evaluation kits focus on enabling designers with a low-cost, fast prototyping platform across a wide breadth of customer MPU-based applications.

Active-Semi’s ACT8865 and ACT8945A are optimized Power management ICs (PMICs) for Atmel SAMA5D3, SAMA5D4 and SAM9 eMPUs and enable reduction in board size, complexity, and total solution cost.


Key Advantages of Active-Semi PMIC Solutions

  • Turnkey solution: 80% design effort reduction vs discretes
  • Compact Design: Up to 80% fewer parts
  • Excellent efficiency with low standby power
  • Complete sequence control: Integrated & programmable

Active-Semi ACT8865


Active-Semi’s industry leading Power Application Controller™ (PAC™) family of ICs offers unprecedented flexibility and scalability in the systems design of power control applications such as wireless power, High-voltage ACIM, PMSM motor drives, Sensored / sensorless control for BLDC motors, Drones and RCs, Power tools, high-voltage system controllers etc. PAC™ enables single-IC based system solutions in the target power applications.


With an embedded ARM Cortex MCU integrated with highly sophisticated, yet configurable analog and power peripherals, PAC™ Family offers highly integrated ICs ideal for developing power applications with input voltage up to 70V DC and universal AC voltages, and output power ranging from few watts to a few kilo watts. PAC™ family also features 52V/70V/600V gate drivers for up to 3 half-H bridges driving MOSFETs or IGBTs, Multimode Power Manager for AC-DC and DC-DC conversion, LDOs, Configurable AFE, High-precision DACs, ADC, single-ended & differential PGAs, PWM Enginers, SPI, I2C, UART and other peripherals.

PAC Solutions for WPC A11, A6 and Medium Power Wireless Charging

PAC Solutions for High-Voltage ACIM PMSM FOC Motors

PAC Solutions for BLDC Motor Control


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