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Qorvo – 48V Charge Pump BLDC Motor Driver with Programmable Current – PAC5526

Qorvo’s PAC5526 belongs to Qorvo’s Power Application Controller (PAC) family. This family features highly-optimized SOC devices that can implement BLDC or PMSM programmable motor controller and driver functionality in a single integrated IC.

The product integrates a high-performance, high-memory FLASH-based 150MHz Arm® Cortex-M4F®, power management, high-side and low-side gate drivers and signal conditioning components in a single product.

PAC5526 is optimized for high-performance battery-powered BLDC motor control applications up to 24V.

Key Features

  • Fully programmable 150 MHz Arm® Cortex-M4F®
  • 128K FLASH, 32kB SRAM, 12-bit, 2.5MSPS ADC with sequencer
  • Integrated 48V input charge pump DC/DC and buck-boost DC/DC
  • Programmable-current gate drivers (60mA to 1A)
  • Integrated PGA, DACs and comparators
  • UART, CAN, I2C & SPI serial interfaces
  • 6x6mm, 48-pin QFN package
  • Ideal for power tools


Power Supply Input Voltage(V) 6 to 48
Power Supply Topology 48 V Charge Pump
Gate Drivers (High-Side) 3 (programmable)
Gate Drivers (Low-Side) 3 (programmable)
Gate Drivers (Open-Drain) 0
Microcontroller 150 MHz ARM® Cortex®-M4F
MCU Flash(KB) 128
MCU ADC 12 b, 2.5 MSPS SAR
MCU GPIOs 20 @ 3.3V
MCU PWMs 20 @ 3.3V
Serial Interfaces UART/SPI (3), I2C, CAN
Signal Chain Diff Amps 1
Signal Chain Single Amps 3
Signal Chain ADC Channels 11
Package Type 48-pin QFN
Package(mm) 6 x 6
ITAR Restricted No

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