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Replace PLDs with EPSON ASICs!

PLDs durch EPSON-ASICs austauschen

Replacing PLDs with ASICs offers several advantages. Compared to FPGAs, ASICs can achieve better performance and efficiency because they are designed for specific purposes.

This allows for space reductions and elimination of unnecessary functionalities, leading to improved power consumption.

Replacing PLDs with EPSON ASICs might offer advantages such as better unit prices and a reliable long-term supply.

Epson‘s ASIC offering

EPSON offers 3 types of proven ASIC families:

  • Gate Arrays have a quick turnaround time during the development cycle and the lowest development cost. They support high-speed operations, high integration down to 0.25 μm CMOS with 2-, 3-, or 4-layer interconnect process options, and low power consumption.
  • Embedded Arrays are ASICs that allow high functionality and quick delivery time when modifying the circuit. This is achieved thanks to the consolidation of a “Sea of gates” (gate arrays) and hard-macro cells for specific applications like RAM, ROM, Flash, MCU, PLL, analog cells, LVDS, RSDS, and various other types.
  • Standard Cells are semi-custom ICs. They offer more design flexibility than gate arrays, as well as more advanced functionality and higher integration. They enable optimally designed internal logic cells, including memories such as ROM and RAM, CPU and analog circuits to be implemented on the same chip.

In EPSON ASICs various macros can be used, such as PLLs, ROM, and SRAM, to meet a lot of requirements, enabling customers to add customized features. Additionally, macros from EPSON ASSPs and MCUs for embedded applications can also be implemented

Save your existing design’s future

With these option it is possible in a lot of cases to port your existing designs on (C)PLD and FPGA designs to keep the pricing stable or even save a lot of money. In addition, Epson is offering very long term support to their products so you can extend the lifetime of your design for years with no need of an expensive complete redesign. Epson offers a lot of package options so pin to pin compatible solutions to your existing design are possible.

To check some more detailed spec and examples we can recommend to look through Epson’s short guide “ASIC to replace PLDs”.

About EPSON Semiconductors:

In 1989, Epson Europe Electronics GmbH was founded under its former name, Epson Semiconductor. The company’s philosophy focuses not only on selling quality products but also on providing comprehensive support to its customers in all technical and logistical aspects through a European-wide network of distributors and Epson Technology Partners. Today’s portfolio includes semiconductor devices, quartz crystal devices, and sensing systems.

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