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Nuvoton Launches Industry-leading NuMicro® M0519 Series with Two Independent Built-in ADCs and OPAs

Nuvoton launches the industry-leading M0519 series with two independent built-in ADCs and OPAs. The M0519 series provides two independent 16-channel ADCs for developers to realize high-speed synchronous sampling and quickly measure current and voltage, so as to obtain real-time and highly accurate information. Compared to the external ADC solution on the market, this built-in design can help customers achieve quick and accurate measurement and further reduce system cost. The M0519 series is also equipped with two OPAs to deliver outstanding noise filtering and signal amplification. With these superior features, the M0519 can help customers to seize power and electromechanical related, digital and industrial control, industrial automation and vacuum cleaning robotic markets.

Novoton Oct.

The M0519 series is embedded with ARM® Cortex®-M0 core and features the built-in a hardware divider, 22.1184 MHz internal RC oscillator (variation < ±3% at 2.5V-5.5V, -40˚C- +105˚C), computing speed up to 72 MHz, NVIC, APB, 64-128 Kbytes Flash ROM and 16 Kbytes RAM. It has independent 8 Kbytes in-system programming Flash ROM for users to develop more flexible and unique online upgrade program code. The M0519 series is also equipped with pulse width modulation (PWM), pulse capture, low-voltage reset, and power loss check functions. The M0519 series integrates comprehensive high-speed communication interfaces, such as two high-speed UARTs, three SPIs, and LIN bus for customers to connect to various external modules, so as to meet the increasing demand for connection with communication peripherals.

The NuTiny-SDK-M0519, a development kit, supports the M0519 series to work with Keil™ RVMDK, IAR EWARM evaluation development environment, including project manager, editor, compiler tools and debugger. In addition, Nuvoton also provides the ISP (In System Programming), ICP (In Circuit Programming) and IAP (In Application Programming) function, by either on-line or off-line programming system to update flash memory program.

The M0519 series is now in volume production, offering the LQFP48 (7mm * 7mm), LQFP64 (7mm * 7mm) and LQFP100 (14mm * 14mm) package types for various applications.

Nuvoton continues to expand product competitiveness and provides cost-effective microcontroller products to meet customer demand.


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