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New Award – Same Story! Atmel Awards Ineltek GmbH with Central Europe Distributor of the Year for the Second Consecutive Year

Atmel has declared INELTEK their Central Europe Distributor of the Year 2014 following on from their success in winning the same prize in 2013. As well as recording the highest turnover growth for one of the world’s leading semiconductor IC manufacturers, INELTEK’s award honours performance in significant parameters such as new design registrations and wins during 2014. INELTEK distributes the complete Atmel line-up from all their sales offices in Europe. Therefore another famous and leading supplier of semiconductor ICs has underlined INELTEK‘s leadership in Demand Creation amongst European distributors.

Atmel Awards Ineltek GmbH with EMEA Distributor of the Year 2014

Atmel Awards Ineltek GmbH with Central Europe Distributor of the Year for the Second Consecutive Year LTR: Harald Riegler (Area Manager EMEA Sales – Distribution Europe Central, Atmel), Bernhard Sonnentag (CEO, Ineltek GmbH), Peter Jeutter (Senior Director Distribution Sales EMEA, Atmel)


“We’re recording increasing Design REGS & WINS, especially within the 32-bit product range and in particular with Atmel’s Cortex-M0+ ARM-based product solutions. The new low-power SAM L20/21 series and 5V SAMC20/21 family which will be released in July are exciting products for new Design REGS in the second half of 2015 and make us optimistic of dramatically increasing our revenue within the 32-bit arena. Also, Atmel has invested heavily in their MPU product range which has culminated in the new SAM A5D4 series. Because of this we`re able to offer our customers compelling bundle solutions combining Atmel’s SAM A5 and Active Semi’s PMIC ICs all backed up by aggressive pricing”, explained Bastian Straßburg, Ineltek Marketing Manager.


“The choice to award Distributor of the Year to INELTEK for 2014 was driven by their highest turnover growth as well as above average quality and quantity of Design REGS and Design WINS, especially with focus on key customers in the industrial sector. We would like to simultaneously honour INELTEK’s outstanding performance and efforts for decades in which INELTEK continuously increased our turnover”, added Peter Jeutter, Atmel’s Senior Director EMEA Distribution Sales.


“We’re one of the few surviving specialist distributors offering genuine demand creation in the European marketplace. We will to continue to push our leadership position as a Technical Design-In Distributor. In order to do so, we have increased our Sales and Applications Engineering teams across all INELTEK’s European sales offices and will actively continue this strategy. We’re looking forward to sustainably expanding our common business together with Atmel in the future”, concluded Michael Vetter, Ineltek Sales Manager.