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Magnachip launches New Generation of High-Voltage 600V SJ MOSFETs for Wide Range of Consumer Products and Industrial Applications

Magnachip Semiconductor Corporation has launched 20 new generation high-voltage 600V SJ MOSFETs (Super Junction Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors). The company has already released product samples and mass production for this generation started in September 2022.

New Generation of 600V SJ MOSFETs

Neue Generation 600V SJ MOSFETsThese new products were developed using new designs based on the latest process technology to improve switching functionality by more than 10% compared to previous generations. As a result, Magnachip has achieved lower switching loss and better power efficiency. For applications requiring high Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) ruggedness, a Zener diode is embedded between a gate and source in order to avoid damage to a MOSFET from an external surge or ESD.

Overview 600V SJ MOSFETs

Magnachips SJ MOSFETs portfolio covers the range from 500V up to 900V. Within 600V range Magnachip comes now up with this 20 new parts shown in the table.

The new product family of 600V SJ MOSFETs supports a RDS(ON)MAX of 40~900 mΩ and comes in standard packaging formats, such as DPAK, TO-220F and TO-220SF.

Therefore, these new 2.5G MOSFETs can be widely used in products and applications including TVs, lighting infrastructure, fast chargers, adapters, PC power and industrial power supplies.

They are also well suited for hard- and soft-switching topologies.


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