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Active-Semi Announces General Availability of Low Cost Qi Certified (WPC 1.1.2) Wireless Charging IC Solution

Active-Semi International, Inc. ( announces today, the general availability of its Qi-certified WPC Wireless charger reference designs that provide customers with the lowest cost solution combined with highest efficiency, lowest standby power and lowest EMI (electromagnetic interference). This turnkey solution operates from a 5-volt adapter or USB port and meets the WPC 1.1.2 specification making it suitable for a wide variety of accessories that charge Qi-compliant smart phones, tablets, and other portable power electronic devices.

“Globally, 3.5 billion consumer electronic devices shipped with rechargeable batteries in 2013, and this market is projected to grow to 4.5 billion devices in 2017,” said Ryan Sanderson, principal analyst for Power Supply & Storage Components at IHS Technology (NYSE: IHS). “By the end of 2014, IHS forecasts wireless power adoption will accelerate, leading to 900 million devices enabled for wireless power projected to ship in 2018.”

Accordingly, Active-Semi has timed this latest wireless power introduction as the demand for wireless power is poised to intensify. With the addition of wireless charging, Active-Semi continues to build on the industry’s broadest portfolio of advanced portable accessory charging IC solutions (including its line of AC/DC wall chargersDC/DC Car Chargers, and Power Bank) in response to the massive demand for rechargeable battery devices.

Active-Semi’s complete WPC platform is enabled by the PAC5220WP, a member of the company’s patented and highly integrated family of Power Application Controllers (PAC)™. PAC5220WP integrates an ARM® Cortex M0 MCU, power manager (for AC-DC or DC-DC conversion), configurable analog front-end, data converters, gate-drivers, on-chip temperature sensor, GPIO, and serial ports. This versatile power management and controller IC eliminates more than five discrete IC chips used in other solutions, reducing printed circuit board area.

“We are happy to announce the first member of our low-cost turnkey, Qi-certified wireless charging solutions,” said Mark Cieri, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Active-Semi. “In this application, our PAC™ platform offers excellent scalability to other wireless power charger configurations and is capable of supporting much higher power. We look forward to announcing IC solutions that continue to set the bar for combined low cost and high performance in this rapidly emerging market segment.”

Active-Semi’s PAC5220WP wireless power platform enables scalability beyond 5V DC input and 5W charging systems to wide-input DC, universal AC inputs, and up to 150W of power delivery. This enables charging for tablets, ultrabooks, and applications requiring more power. The onboard programmable MCU and the configurable analog peripherals of PAC5220WP support multi-mode migration to other standards like PMA.

Active-Semi Wireless Charger solution offers the following industry benchmark features:

  • Up to 75 percent efficiency
  • Lowest, cost-optimized bill of materials
  • Ultra-low standby power under 50mW
  • Excellent EMI performance meeting FCC Class B, CISPR with up to 10dB margin
  • Complete WPC-1.1.2 Firmware including Foreign Objection Detection (FOD), guided positioning with optional LEDs and buzzer
  • Future-proof: scales to higher power & supports multi-mode migration (e.g. PMA)
  • Built-in surge protection
  • Support for wide-input DC (up to 52V) and universal AC input with on-chip SMPS controller

Wireless Charging Solution Presentation using PAC5220WP PDF.pdf (1,8MB)

For more information on PAC5220WP and Active-Semi’s WPC A11 wireless power transmitter solution kits, visit