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Zentel – New DDR3 SDRAM Row-Hammer Types available with Lead Times below 12 weeks


In 2020 Zentel came up with DD3 SDRAMs (2Gb – 4Gb) which are resistant against Row-hammer- and RAMBleed-Hacks.

Now in October 2021 Zentel comes up with brand-new 8Gb-DDR3 types within Dual-Die-package which are Row-hammer imun as well which was recently confirmed by a corresponding stress test at the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences.





Besides Zentel, there is only one other manufacturer whose DDR3 SDRAMs are equally Row Hammer-proof. Further Row Hammer benchmarks are still pending for Zentel’s DDR4 SDRAMs at ETH Zurich. But Zentel assumes that their 4Gb DDR4 chips perform significantly better than the more size-prone 1X/Y/Znm chips of the competition due to the more robust 25nm structure.




NEW 8Gb DDR3 Row-Hammer-Types are available now:

  • A3T8GF43BBF: Type 256Mx16; Voltage 1.35V/1.5V; Package FBGA-96; Mass Production status
  • A3T8GF33BBF: Type 512×8; Voltage 1.35V/1.5V; Package FBGA-78; Mass Production status


Are you interested within more detailed information, samples and a dedicated offer to Zentel`s Row-Hammer DDR3 (2Gb – 8Gb) solutions? All Raw-Hammer types are available within 12 weeks for your SOP series.


  • Immunity against Row-Hammer- and RAMBleed-attacks
  • All listed DD3 SDRAMs are JEDEC-compliant and footprint-compatible
  • The internal Row-Hammer-Watchdog and blocking-circuit are both permanently running in the background, without affecting the overall performance
  • Suitable for applications that could be attacked via a network connection (even wireless)
  • Especially suitable for critical infrastructure applications like supplier, traffic, logistics, public authorities and industrial communication areas


  • DDR3 2Gb, 4Gb & 8Gb samples available
  • Datasheets available
  • All DDR3 types are in Mass Production status
  • Upcoming DDR4 4Gb samples available now in Q4 2021.

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