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Nuvoton – Power Switch Series NCT352x

Power Switch Serie NCT352x

The Power Switch Series NCT352x consists of 5 different parts of high-side power switches. All of these parts are suitable for 3V and 5V systems. They incorporate a 70mΩ or a 80mΩ N-channel MOSFET and provide up to 2.5A or 2.0A output current respectively.

These power switches are designed for high-side load switching applications like protection switches or hot plug devices.

Features and Differences of Power Switch Series NCT352x

There are two versions of the NCT3527, the NCT3527U and the NCT3527U-A. Difference is the current limit function.

Power Switch Serie NCT352x

The output current is limited when the output load reaches the current-limit threshold and a guaranteed deglitching time of 3-ms ensures that the transient voltage settles down.

If after this blanking time the load current is greater than the current limit, the NCT3527U enters a latch-off state and the NCT3527U-A enters an auto-retry state.

In latch-off state, the switch is turned off and FLAG# is issued to the host. The switch can be turned on again by cycling the power. In auto-retry state, the switch would be turned off for 24ms then turn-on again.


  • 80mΩ High-Side MOSFET
  • Integrated soft-start function (typically 1.9ms interval; adjustable for NCT3521U-2)
  • Turn-On Rise Time Vout:1.9ms typ.
  • Operating Range: 2.7V…5.5V
  • Quiescent current: 70µA
  • Shutdown current: 1µA
  • Under Voltage Lockout
  • Over Current Protection
  • Thermal-Shutdown Protection
  • Packages:
    • NCT3521U: SOT23-5
    • NCT3521U-A: TSOT23-5
    • NCT3521U-2: SOT23-6


  • 70mΩ High-Side MOSFET
  • Integrated soft-start function
  • Operating Range: 3.0V…5.5V
  • Quiescent current: 150µA
  • Shutdown current: 45µA
  • Under Voltage Lockout
  • Adjustable Current Limit
  • Thermal-Shutdown Protection
  • Reverse Current Flow Blocking
  • Reverse Voltage Protection
  • Adjustable Output Discharge Function
  • Package:

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