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Magnachip announces MDD08N067RH – Single N-channel Trench MOSFET 78V 6.7 Milliohm 70A

The MDD08N067RH uses advanced Magnachip’s MV MOSFET Technology, which provides high performance in on-state resistance, fast switching performance, and excellent quality. MDD08N067RH is suitable device for Motor Drive applications and general purpose applications.

Key performance parameter


VDS 78 V
RDS(on), max 0.0067 Ω
ID 70 A
QG 43.3 nC
Junction temperature max 175 °C


MDD08N067RH_Datasheet_v1.1_20210105 (003)

Features and benefits

  • MagnaChip’s MOSFET Technology
  • Very low on-resistance RDS(on)
  • 100% Avalanche / Rg Tested


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