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Holtek – HT77xxFA – New high efficient synchronous Step-Up Converter

High Efficient Synchronous Step-UpWith the HT77xxFA series, Holtek now offers a synchronous step-up DC/DC converter with an efficiency of up to 95%. The output current can be up to 200mA.

The very low possible input voltage as low as 0.85V offers an excellent reserve also for applications with only one alkaline battery cell. But also other battery technologies or Super-Caps can be used very easily, due to the maximum input voltage of 6V.

The 5 derviates provide fixed output voltages from 2.7V to 5.0V, minimizing external circuit components. Besides SOT23 and SOT89 for standard applications that do not require an enable pin, a SOT23-5 package is also available including this feature.

Typical Applications are

  • mobile battery driven devices like remote controls, computer mouse
  • mobile medical appliances like glucose meters or thermometers
  • cameras / camcorder
  • mobile phones

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