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USB HUB controller for Automotive


Specially developded for on-board devices, the S2R72A54 is a USB HUB controller LSI which can be used under the highest operating temperature in the industry from -40℃ to +105℃.
The greatest feature of this product is that stable communication can be performed even in sever environments where there are excessively long cables,many junctions and etc.
Furthermore, the S2R72A54 also supports low power consumption designs and on-board quality.

On-board Quality

  • AEC-Q100 support.


  • Down stream port×4(HS×4)

Low Voltage Operation

  • HVDD3.3V (±0.3V)

Small Size Package

  • QFP48-pin 7mm x 7mm, QFN36-pin 6mm x 6mm, QFN36-pin 6mm x 6mm Wettable

Extensive Operating Temperature Range

  • 40℃ to +105℃


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S2R72A4x series

Abundant Product Groups

  • S2R72A42:Down stream port ×2(HS×2)
  • S2R72A43:Down stream port ×3(HS×2, FS×1)
  • S2R72A44:Down stream port ×4(HS×2, FS×2)

Re-Synchronization IC


S2R72A11 is the Re-Synchronization IC which re-synchronizes the HS packet of USB 2.0 (Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 2.0).
Stable longer connection using various USB applications, such as car navigation / car display audio to the smart phone / portable audio player.
S2R72A11 is complying with the automotive level grade quality and support the max temperature range up to 105℃.

On-board Quality

  • AEC-Q100 support.

Excellent data communication characteristics (HS 480Mbps)

  • HS transmission: Transmission waveform with low jitter - Support HS transmission current control
    -Support HS transmission current control
  • HS reception: Very high reception tolerance

Automatic USB line monitor and control function

  • HS communication: Re-synchronize with HS Synchronizer
  • Except for HS communication: Passes through with analog switch

Small Size Package

  • QFN32-pin 5mm x 5mm Wettable

Extensive Operating Temperatrue Range

  • -40℃ to +105℃

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USB bus switch ICs

The bus switch IC from Epson, who produced excellent result in USB controller.This USB bus switch ICs supports USB 2.0 high-speed transmission by reduced switch pin capacitance. This product features the low power consumption and compact package.


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USB bus switch ICs spec table

Main specifications

Status Manual Data sheet Products Input voltage range Operational power
ON resistance Pin capacity Package
MP S1F77310M0A Technical Manual S1F77310M0A Data Sheet S1F77310M0A 3.0V to 3.6V 14µA (Max.) 5.3Ω (Typ.) 1.7pF (Typ.) PLP-8pin
MP S1F77330 Series Technical Manual S1F77330 Series Data Sheet S1F77330B0A 3.0V to 3.6V 14µA (Max.) 6.0Ω (Typ.) D-system: 2.7pF (Typ.)
D*-system: 1.45pF (Typ.)
MP - - S1F77330M0A 3.0V to 3.6V 14µA (Max.) 6.0Ω (Typ.) D-system: 2.7pF (Typ.)
D*-system: 1.45pF (Typ.)

Note) D-system: DX, DY D*-system: D1X, D1Y, D2X, D2Y

Characteristic examples of USB 2.0 Eye-Pattern

Block diagram


Epson USB, ATA controllers (Interface ICs) will be continuously supplied to the customers, however the technical support from Epson will be finished by March 31, 2010.

For more information, please contact us.