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Holtek – Sub-1GHz Low-IF FSK RF Receiver BC2502A/B

RF Receiver BC2502 ABThe BC2502x receiver ICs feature a fully integrated low-IF FSK receiver with automatic gain control (AGC) and a fully integrated FSK demodulator. The Fractional-N PLL synthesizer supports 315, 433, 868 and 915 MHz frequency bands and has an integrated VCO. The devices require only one crystal and a minimum of passive components to fully implement the FSK receiver.

With this high level of functional integration, the BC2502x devices provide excellent solutions for low-cost, low-power wireless applications.

BC2502A & BC2502B Details

The BC2502A operates in the 315/433MHz bands while the BC2502B operates in the license-free sub-1GHz ISM bands.

RF Receiver BC2502 Block DiagramTheir supply voltage ranges from 2.4V to 5.5V and have a low RX-current of 4.5mA in the 433MHz frequency band, a high receive sensitivity of up to -109dBm at a data rate of 25ksps, and a maximum transmission rate of 50ksps. The RF characteristics of the devices also comply with ETSI/FCC specifications.


The devices support a Sniff-RX-Mode, where the RX mode on/off function can be controlled by an MCU to achieve average power consumption below than in Duty-RX-Mode.

The devices come with an I²C interface, which can be used to set the receiving frequency and other parameters. Other advantages include their high anti-interference properties, which can reduce the effects of interference from power and ambient noise. The devices are supplied in a small 10-pin SOP-EP package and meet the industrial temperature specification of -40°C to 85°C.

The BC2502x receivers are particularly suitable for use in wireless receiver products such as metal roll-up doors, ceiling lights, wireless switches, drying racks, wireless doorbells, integrated ceiling fans and other products.

Specification in Detail


RF Receiver BC2502 Spec

Configuration & Applications

  • On-chip VCO and fractional-N synthesizer with built-in loop filter

  • Supports low-cost 16MHz crystal

  • FCC/ETSI compliant
  • Metal roll-up doors
  • Ceiling lamps
  • Wireless switches
  • Wireless doorbells
  • Other wireless products

The receivers presented here are part of a large family of radio ICs from Holtek. Talk to us about all possibilities these RX, TX and TRX devices enable for your next project

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