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Zentel – Kurze Lieferzeiten für DDR Speicher

In times of drastically increased lead times, the search for alternative components is omnipresent. In the memory sector, the market situation is also very tense, so we would like to give you an up-to-date overview of Zentel's SDR, DDR 1 to DDR 4 memory portfolio - the good thing about Zentel:


Current delivery times are given as 8 to 12 weeks!

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In the following graphic you can see which memory densities are available for which memory types:

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Zentel short leadtime DDR


It is worth noting that Zentel is the only manufacturer to offer "Rowhammer Free" devices, which have built-in circuitry to be immune to this attack, allowing your application to run safely - read more in our article here.

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You can download Zentel’s portfolio as a PDF here.


Contact us for further information on Zentel - we will also be happy to support you in your search for alternatives in other product groups.

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