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Nuvoton Technology Company Overview

Nuvoton Technology Corporation (NTC) was founded to bring innovative semiconductor solutions to the market. NTC was spun-off as a Winbond Electronics affiliate in July 2008 and went public in September 2010 on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE). Nuvoton Technology focuses on the developments of microcontrollers, microprocessors, smart home and cloud security solutions and has strong market share in Industrial, Consumer and Computer markets. Nuvoton Technology achieved sales of 730 million USD in 2020 and since 2018, have been the number 1 microcontroller supplier in Asia, and number 7 globally.

Nuvoton Technology owns a wafer fabrication facility, featuring customized processes for analog and power products and as well as in-house IC products; it also provides part of its capacity for foundry services. They provide products with a high performance/cost ratio for its customers by leveraging flexible technology, advanced design capability, and integration of digital and analog technologies.

Nuvoton Technology shows its strength in innovation by following its vision:

Be a hidden champion in providing sustainable semiconductors to enrich human life.


Offering a wide range of products in their portfolio and with an integrated ecosystem and long-standing history of design expertise, Nuvoton Technology are continually developing new, cost-effective, and innovative microcontroller designs based on the Cortex-M and 8051 architectures. In addition, they offer dedicated solutions for the complete audio signal chain, computer applications and more.  In building this broad portfolio, the engineers had an eye on scalability from 8-bit to M0/M23 and M4 families through high pinout compatibility.



In 2020, through the acquisition of Panasonic Semiconductor, the portfolio was expanded with interesting products such as Image Sensors, Image / Digital Signal Processors, MCU, IC Card, Battery Management & Power Management, and discretes like MOSFET, RF-GaN and Laser Diode.

Software & Support

To get started, check out Nuvoton’s cost efficient entry level development tools and dedicated application focused tools (GUI/ Audio/IoT/Connectivity).

For example the the NuMaker-IoT-M487


In cooperation with Nuvoton Technology, we can offer extensive design-in support,
so get in touch today to see how we can help with your next design.


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