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New electrical and electronic equipment put on the market beginning July 1, 2006 shall not contain lead(pb), Mercury(Hg), Hexavalent Chromium(Cr+6), Polybrominated Biphenyls(PBB) or Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers(PBDE)according to the European on Hazardous Substances   Directive (RoHS-2011/65/Eu).

Currently accepted levels of these substances are as follows:

Maximum concentration Levels     Substance/Material
<0.1%(1,000 PPM)                            Lead(pb)
<0.1%(1,000 PPM)                            Mercury(Hg)
<0.1%(1,000 PPM)                            HexavalentChromium(Cr+6)
<0.01% (100PPM)                            CADMIUM(Cd)
<0.1%(1,000 PPM)                           Polybrominated Biphenyls(PBB)
<0.1%(1,000 PPM)                           Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers(PBDE)

Hantronix certifies that the following list of parts do not exceed the levels of substances mentioned above per homogeneous material, unless allowed per exceptions in the Annex of the RoHS-2011/65/Eu directive.  Homogeneous material is defined as a substance or mixture of substances with uniform composition (such as solders, resins, platings, etc.).

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