Welcome to Low Power Sensor to Cloud Training Week

Low power sensors that are part of an IoT network bring new challenges to R&D and Cyber Security experts. More functionality, Cyber Security system aspects, deciding the right communication and all with less energy available. Sound familiar? then don’t miss our expert sessions – made for you.

IoT Made EASY! Smart|Connected|Secure

Each webinar will be held at 2pm CET and will run for about 30 minutes. The webinar program is:

24th November: Designing Power Efficient Solutions for your IoT Sensor

Session 1: Designing Power Efficient Solutions for your IoT Sensor

Okay – this is something you know, but additional functions need to be integrated.  More sensors, cool features, data security and secure communication as well as AI/ML ahead. Rarely acceptable is to just use a bigger battery. Hunt the µAs. Do you want to be updated about the latest and greatest in low power sensor designs? You should take this 30 min session!

IoT Made Easy! Smart|Connected|Secure

25th November: Connectivity Made Easy for your IoT Sensor

Session 2: Connectivity Made Easy for your IoT Sensor Design

Communication is one of the biggest challenges in sensor design. Making the right decision at the beginning is challenging. There are many dynamic regulations in the world; scalability and agility of technologies, power budgets, maintenance over time, space limitations, secure communication, and cost. Do you face theses challenges in your design? You should not miss this event!  Hear about our latest and greatest solutions.

IoT Made Easy! Smart|Connected|Secure


26th November: Security

Session 3: Security

Cyber Security is not a choice! New regulations like EN 303-645 are happening everywhere in the world. There are many myths on how best to secure your secrets. Would you like an update about the latest regulations and the best way to approach Cyber Security in a low power design from sensor to Cloud? If so, you will absolutely love this session!

IoT Made Easy! Smart|Connected|Secure


27th November: IoT Design Quick start with no Compromises

Session 4: Quick start with no compromise in IoT designs

How should I start designing complex IoT designs covering all IoT aspects from the beginning? Should I start with Raspberry PI or Arduino for Proof of Concept? and start from scratch later for an industrialized product? or is it better to use something easy to start with and easy to scale to an industrialized product without making compromises? Curious to learn how this works? You are one step away – Join this session!

IoT Made Easy! Smart|Connected|Secure


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