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New Award – Same Story! Atmel gives Ineltek its Central Europe Distributor of the Year Award for the third consecutive year

Atmel has again awarded INELTEK with its Distributor of the Year 2015 CE Award, just as in 2013 (EMEA) and 2014 (CE). In doing so, one of the world`s leading manufacturers of semiconductor ICs has once again recognised that INELTEK acheived the highest annual revenue growth in Central Europe. Two other annualised parameters – Design Regs (the number of registered projects) and Design Wins (the number of project wins) were critical in INELTEK receiving Distributor of the Year again. This award from yet another prominent and leading supplier of semiconductor ICs underlines that INELTEK leads the way among Demand Creation* distributors in Europe.


“We`re tracking increasing Design Regs and Wins, especially in the 32-bit product range and in particular with Atmel’s ARM Cortex-M0+ product solutions. Firstly, the low power SAM L20/21 series and the new 5V SAMC20/21 family will be exciting products for new Design Regs in the second half of 2016 and keep us optimistic of dramatically increasing our 32-bit revenue. Then in the MPU product range, Atmel has invested more resources resulting in the new SAM A5D2 series. This has allowed us to offer our customers compelling new bundle solutions with Atmel’s SAM A5 and PMIC ICs backed up by aggressive pricing”, explained Bernhard Sonnentag, Managing Director Ineltek. “The selection of Distributor of the Year 2015 fell to INELTEK because of their highest revenue growth as well as above average quality and quantity of Design Registration and Win activity, especially with focus on key industrial accounts. We would like to take the opportunity to also honour INELTEK’s outstanding performance and efforts for decades over which INELTEK has consistently grown our turnover”, added Harald Riegler, Area Distribution Manager Central South & EE Atmel. “We`re one of few remaining genuinely specialist demand creation distributors surviving in the European market. We`re going to continue to push our position as a technical Design-In distributor. In order to do so, we have increased our sales and application engineering teams across all INELTEK sales offices in Europe and will actively continue this strategy. Through the ongoing acquisition of Atmel by Microchip, we will have greater flexibility as we are now also able to offer our customers additional PIC Core MCUs. In addition to this, with Microchip’s Analog product portfolio we now have access to a completely new product range which allows us to significantly increase our turnover. Together with our old and new business partners we`re looking forward to actively expanding our mutual business and sustainably for the future”, concluded Bernhard Sonnentag, Managing Director Ineltek. * Sustainable project business generated through technical support. Not fulfillment or simple delivery business.