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Programmable Logic


Microchip now has a presence in the Programmable logic space after acquiring Atmel in 2016. With  two decades of programmable logic experience, Microchip offers a variety of low cost and low power programmable logic products. Widely used in Industrial applications for Control and glue logic, these PLDs allow for quick design cycle iterations.  Microchip offers non-volatile EPLDs (Simple and Complex PLDs) that are low in cost and widely available in an array of packages. These products are easy to use and can be designed using easy to use software tools.


The Microchip EPLD product line comprises two major categories: simple programmable logic devices (SPLDs) and the higher density complex programmable logic devices (CPLDs). PLDs can be used for a Multitude of applications for the Industrial, Medical, Consumer and Test Measurement markets as well as for Military.

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Field Programmable Gate Array

The Microchip AT40K and AT40KAL Series co-processor FPGAs range from 5K to 40K usable gates and are designed for high-density, compute-intensive DSP and other fast logic designs. Microchip also offers an AT40K10 FPGAs in die form that can be used for Military applications.

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FPGA Configuration Memory

The Microchip AT17LV EEPROM based and AT17F Flash based configuration memory devices can be used to configure low-cost SRAM FPGAs as well as higher density, high-performance FPGAs from Xilinx and Altera.

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