Ineltek Launches E Ink Xplained Pro for Microchip Xplained Pro Prototyping and Evaluation Platform

For more info about E Ink displays or the E Ink Xplained Pro, contact an Ineltek office within your area or contact us at

Ineltek has developed a low-cost, simple-to-use family of E Ink display add-on boards for the Microchip Xplained Pro prototyping and evaluation platform – currently available with 1.5”, 2.9” and 5.7” displays. Our Ineltek E Ink Xplained Pro boards make it easy to connect and easy to develop using E Ink’s unique enabling technology in a Microchip ARM® based development environment. Ineltek’s support for your e-paper display development includes software libraries, example projects, 2D and 3D CAD for the displays and the PCB data to quickly prototype your own designs.

E Ink Displays

E Ink displays are ultra-low power displays that retain their image even when power is removed, making them ideal for low-power applications. Originally developed at MIT in 1997 to create a battery powered electronic book that could last for weeks without charging, it was also developed to allow the user to read off the screen for long periods of time without strain. E Ink has since branched out and now develops screens of all shapes and sizes for varying markets from shelf labels to outdoor signage. Originally developed in black and white, displays are now available in three colour variants adding yellow or red into the mix.


  • Low Power: E Ink displays only consume power when changing the state of the display. Once power is removed, the display will continue to hold an image. This allows for battery powered applications that can retain critical information, even if the battery drains.
  • Sunlight Readability: Easy on the eyes, E Ink displays are reflective displays and only get easier to read outdoors. Great for outdoor signage and power consumption where a backlight isn’t required.
  • Paper-Like Display: E Ink displays look and feel like paper but are much more dynamic. Useful not only for reading, but for barcode scanning where traditional LCDs often fall short.

Getting Started

In order to get started with the E Ink Xplained Pro, a Microchip Xplained MCU board is required. The software can then be downloaded from GitHub. Once extracted, example projects are available for a number of MCUs and can be compiled and programmed to get the demo up and running. Documentation is included with the software library to walk through setting up a new project with the E Ink software library included. For more info contact an Ineltek office within your area or contact us at

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