Ineltek UK Announces First Super Junction MOSFETs from Magnachip

Aldermaston, UK: July 16th, 2015 – Ineltek UK, the UK and Ireland arm of Germany’s largest independent semiconductor distributor today launched the first in a new range of Super Junction (SJ) MOSFETs from Magnachip. MMUB60R199PC is ideally suited to high efficiency power switching requirements due to the intrinsically low RDS(ON) characteristics of the SJ technology and the high switching frequencies enabled by its low gate charge.


Key parameters of this first device in Magnachip’s Super Junction range are:

  • Max VDS 650V allows comfortable 600V operation
  • Sub 200mΩ RDS(ON) for excellent low loss design
  • Qg of only 44nC allows high frequency switching, thus smaller passive components
  • High Current Drive of 20A continuous ID
  • Compact 8mm x 8mm PDFN low profile package

 Magnachip SJ MOSFET

The combination of these industry-leading parameters opens up a wealth of possibilities for power design specialists engaged in development of motor control, power tool and SMPS products.

The device is open for samples and quotation now from Ineltek UK with indicative pricing of below $1.00 in quantities of 100k units. Ineltek UK welcomes your volume pricing enquiry and is available to visit your development and commercial teams to share the full value proposition of the MMUB60R199PC.


INELTEK GMBH (Heidenheim, Germany) is the leading independent semiconductor distributor in Germany. Ineltek has been supporting customers in Central Europe for nearly a quarter of a century and has an unparalleled reputation for Design-In Expertise and Service. Ineltek UK has been delivering this same philosophy to the UK and Ireland marketplace since 2010 via a differentiated product offering, personal service and value-add design services.

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