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Microchip`s Zero-Drift Op Amps MCP6V-Series with EMI Filtering

New part MCP6V51 with 45V & 2 MHz

45V, 2 MHz Zero-Drift Op Amp with EMI Filtering

The MCP6V51 operational amplifier provides input off set voltage correction for very low off set and off set drift. This device provides a gain bandwidth product of 2 MHz, is unity gain stable, has no 1/f noise, and provides superior CMRR and PSRR performance. These products operate with a single supply voltage from 4.5V to 45V, with a maximum quiescent current of only 590 μA.

Key Features

  • Zero-drift architecture
  • Maximum off set of only 15 μV
  • Maximum off set drift of 36 nV/C
  • Wide operating range: 4.5V to 45V
  • No 1/f noise
  • GBWP of 2 MHz
  • Enhanced EMI rejection
  • Small 5-pin SOT-23 and 8-pin MSOP packaging
  • Easy to Use
    • EMI fi ltered Inputs
    • Rail-to-rail output
    • Unit gain stable


  • Zero-drift architecture provides reliable performance and eliminates 1/f noise
  • On-chip EMI fi lter reduces risk of electrical noise and reduces overall system cost
  • Low power and small packages make the device ideal for precision applications

Microchip`s Zero-Drift Op Amps Series

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