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With Microchip touch technologies, human interfaces are intuitive, uniquely personal, and simply fun to use. From their touchscreen controllers to their touch sensors and everything in between, Microchip provide technologies that enable you to produce smart and differentiated designs.


Touchscreen Controllers

Microchip's Touch Controller ICs are suitable for applications where a touchscreen up to 23“ is embedded. Their maxTouch technology provides excellent performance and ultra low power consumption.


Key Features

  • Up to 16 touches
  • Extended temperature range from -40°C up to 105°C
  • Supply voltage from 1.8V up to 12V
  • I2C & USB interfaces
  • 12 to 3432 nodes
  • Touch response 150MHz to 250MHz
  • High resolution up to 600ppi
  • Up to 48 individually configurable keys

The following parts are available in the Touchscreen Controller product range:

  • AT42QT
  • mxT10/11/13/14/16/22/29/30/33/34/41/54/64/73/87
  • mxT54/76 automotive
  • mxTS200/220

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Touch Sensors

Microchip‘s Touch Sensor ICs are available with 1-256 touch channels, buttons, sliders and wheels options, up to 64 pins, extended temperature range from -40°C up to 125°C for automotive applications, supply voltage from 1.8V up to 5.5V, different interfaces like UART, SPI, I2C, 12 to 2952 nodes, a Touch response speed from 150MHz up to 250MHz as well as maximum screen size up to 17.3“.

The following parts are available in the Touch Sensor product range:

  • ATQTxxx
  • ATSAMD20xxx
  • ATSAMGxxx
  • mxF16
  • mxTxxx
  • mxTxxx automotive
  • QT60xxx

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