Smart Card Readers


INSIDE’s comprehensive portfolio of Smart Card Reader chips (smartread offer) enables customers to obtain secure, high-performance chips for virtually any market segment from a single vendor. Only INSIDE offers hardware platforms alone and with integrated third-party applications, allowing customers to quickly build smart card readers without requiring custom development. Based on 8-bit CISC and 8/16-bit RISC processors, INSIDE’s Smart Card Reader chips deliver outstanding performance and fast time to market.

This new ready-to-use family of smart card reader solutions is tailored to accelerate development of a variety of high-volume contact and contactless applications. Based on advanced 0.15-micron technology, INSIDE AT90SCR100, AT90SCR200, AT90SCR075 and AT90SCR060 microcontrollers are pre-certifi ed to all relevant industry standards, including EMV, PC/SC, ISO 7816, WHQL, USB, and are able to slash customer development times from about a year to just two to four weeks.


Key Features

  • ROM and Flash-based from 16KB to 64KB
  • USB Device and Host Interface
  • High Speed SPI up to 24 Mbps, GPIOs, UART Synchronous
  • Smart Card Interface (3 cycles/ETU)
  • Compliant with EMV, PC/SC, WHQL, USB
  • Pre-certified Turnkey Solutions
  • Remote Wake-up Functionality
  • Cryptographic Capability
  • FSL, Bootlaoder, Demo
  • EMVL1 Operating System
  • CCID compliant (no further USB driver required with hosts supporting CCID class)





  • Keyboards
  • Set-Top-Boxes
  • POS Terminal
  • Laptops
  • PDAs
  • Mobile phone Add-Ons
  • FemtoCells
  • Engery Meters


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