Light Sensors


Amic Technology sensors are detecting;

1. Ambient light detection: Detect light intensity (lux) Detect light spectrum, including human visible light and near Infrared


2. Proximity Presence:

Detect object presence by means of the Infra-Red reflection light intensity.

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Key features

Amic’s proximity sensor advantage in Smart Phone application

  • Pin to pin compatible with major suppliers
  • Different aperture pitch supported
  • Strong/Smart capability of crosstalk cancellation
  • No extra isolator needed (reducing mechanical overhead and costs)
  • Low Power consumption
  • No blind zone issue
  • Support black card in zero distance

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No need for extra isolator to eliminate background noise.

Cross talk cancellation can be done by chip itself using just one command set



  • Display panel backlight dimming.
  • Solar UV index detection
  • Presence detection
  • Lighting management
  • Cell phone, touch-screen disable function (ASR8800)
  • Surveillance camera (ASR8601)

Product range overview


ASR8601 is with IR cut compound package. Suitable for surveillance camera applications requiring NIR night vision.

No background noise issue when IR LED of night vision camera is activated

Offering small aperture single hole solution for proximity sensor in smart phone

Pitch = 1.4 mm ASR8800-BA


Pitch = 2.4 mm ASR800-AA


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