ISD Voice ICs


ISD ChipCorder® Family

Nuvoton's ChipCorder® is a complete, single chip solution for voice, audio recording and playback. It is designed to offer the highest quality single-chip voice record/playback solutions for embedded applications.


Nuvoton’s highly successful Digital ChipCorder series of Voice/Audio chips enable a new generation of automotive, medical and industrial applications, which typically require more audio output power to provide users with essential pre-recorded information. 

This family utilizes flash memory to provide non-volatile audio record/playback with durations from 15 seconds up to 16 minutes for a single-chip solution.  ISD Digital ChipCorder series provides an I²S digital audio interface. Compared to previous MLS ChipCorder series, these devices provide higher sampling frequencies, improved SNR, lower power, fast programming time and integrated program verification.

The Digital Series requires no external clock sources or components except a speaker to deliver quality audio prompts or sound effects to enhance user interfaces. In addition these parts can provide non-volatile flash storage in 1kbyte sectors, eliminating the need for additional serial EEPROM/Flash devices. The ISD Digital series can take digital audio data via I²S or SPI interface.  The series has built-in analog audio inputs, analog audio line driver, and speaker driver output.

MSL-ChipCorder® -Series

The ISD MSL ChipCorder® series provides high-quality, fully integrated, single-chip record/playback solutions for 6 seconds - to 16-minute messaging applications, ideal for real time recording through Microphone or Analog input in portable products. The MSL series is designed for operation in either standalone or microcontroller (SPI, I²C) mode.  Some devices incorporate a proprietary message management system that allows the chip to self-manage address locations for multiple messages. This exclusive feature provides sophisticated messaging flexibility in a simple push-button environment. The devices include an on-chip oscillator (with external resistor control) , microphone preamplifier with Automatic Gain Control (AGC) , an auxiliary analog input, anti-aliasing filter, Multi-Level Storage (MLS) array, smoothing filter, volume control, Class D/AB speaker driver, and current/voltage output.

Recordings are stored into the on-chip Flash memory cells, providing zero-power message storage. This unique single-chip solution utilizes Nuvoton’s patented multilevel storage technology. Voice and audio signals are directly stored onto memory array in their natural form, providing high-quality voice reproduction.

Voiceband Codecs

Nuvoton's family of Voice CODEC solutions address the market requirements for voice-grade A/D and D/A conversion at the lowest possible power consumption. The portfolio includes both single and dual channel devices with 3V, 5V or mixed 3V/5V supply voltages options as well as a variety of analog output variations. All CODECs comply with industry standard ITU G.711 and G.712 recommendations.


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