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Microsemi Adaptec® SAS/SATA RAID Adapters

Coupled with 12 Gbps media, the Microsemi Adaptec® RAID adapters provide maximum data protection, read/write bandwidth, and IOPS for the most performance-hungry transactional and database applications.

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Microsemi Adaptec® SAS/SATA Host Bus Adapters

The Microsemi Adaptec® HBA is the ideal 12 Gbps connectivity solution for server-based storage systems that require maximum bandwidth and I/O connectivity, low power, and high reliability.

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Flashtec NVRAM Drives

Microsemi’s NVRAM drives establish a new storage tier with superior performance that combines DRAM’s performance with NAND’s persistence for mission-critical applications that need the necessary safety net for data without sacrificing performances.

Microsemi Adaptec® SAS Expander Cards

The Microsemi Adaptec® 12 Gbps 82885T SAS expander card offers 36 ports in a scalable connectivity / fan-out option for additional drives (SSDs/HDDs) when used in conjunction with a SAS/SATA RAID adapter or SAS/SATA HBA.

Microsemi Adaptec® Cables & Accessories

Make the right connection with Microsemi Adaptec® 12 Gbps and and 6 Gbps cables for performance and maximum connectivity, flexibility, and ease of installation.

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