Power Management


No matter which topology or approach you choose, Microchip can support your design with our comprehensive portfolio of Intelligent Power products, which covers the spectrum from discrete analog solutions to sophisticated and flexible power conversion using our digital signal controllers (DSCs). Our integrated products help you simplify your board design and build more cost-effective and reliable systems. To help polish off your design, Microchip offers a variety of other devices such as op amps, temperature sensors, current sensors and MOSFETs.

Battery Management

Our battery management products offer highly integrated solutions for Li-Ion/Li-Polymer charge management applications.

Charge Pump DC/DC Converters

Easy to implement, inductorless, high efficiency power conversion solutions for lower current applications.

CPU / System Supervisors

Low-cost precision supervisors with industry-standard functionality and pin outs include products such as the MCP131 series of CMOS voltage supervisors. These devices are well suited for portable and consumer electrics applications due to their extremely low 1 µA operating current and small surface-mount packaging.

Linear Regulators

The newest addition to the Low Dropout (LDO) product offering is the MCP1711, a very accurate CMOS LDO voltage regulator that can deliver up to 150 mA of current while consuming only 0.6 µA of quiescent current (typical). Due to excellent internal phase compensation, the LDO output is stable without the need for capacitors.

Power MOSFET Drivers

MOSFET family using high-speed, low figure of merit (FOM) process technology that offers improved power conversion efficiency in switched mode power supplies.
Microchip's Power MOSFETs combine with the Digitally-Enhanced Power Analog devices to drive high-efficiency,and highly-flexible, power conversion solutions. These are low Figure-of-Merit devices, focused on minimizing both on-state resistance (Rds(on)) and gate charge (Qg). They are focused on maximizing power conversion performance, making them ideal for switched-mode power supply applications.

Hybrid PWM Controllers

Our novel Hybrid PWM Controller family, built on our Digitally-Enhanced Power Analog technology, combines a high-speed analog controller with a fully-functional MCU. This unique combination offers the speed and response of a traditional analog controller, with the flexibility of a digital interface.

PWM Controllers

Fast, efficient analog-based PWM controllers. Most offer integrated MOSFET Drivers, enabling them to directly drive external MOSFETs. These products work alone, in in combination with Microchip PIC<sup>®</sup> MCUs for sequencing and control..

Inductorless Offline Switching Regulators

Microchip's HV Inductorless Switching Regulators are designed to provide offline power for low power applications, with minimal component count, including the ability to eliminate the requirement for an inductor or transformer.  These regulators operate with an efficiency higher than a pure Linear Regulator, and with fewer components than a traditional switching regulator.

Switching Regulators

Microchip offers a wide range of Analog Switching Regulators in both Buck (step-down) and Boost (step-up) topologies, featuring PWM and PFM operating modes, Power Good Outputs, Enable Inputs, True Load Disconnect and Input/Output Bypass. These innovative products offer power system designers the options necessary for designing cost effective, efficient, space saving power conversion solutions.

High Voltage Linear Regulators

Microchip's HV Linear Regulator Family provides regulation from as low as 13.2V input to as high as 450V.  Versions with varying degrees of adjustability are provided, including versions targeted specifically for power supply startup.  Package options include a variety of options, including the TO-92, SOT-89, D-Pak, etc.   Current handling varies by product from a low of 10mA to as much as 150mA.


Voltage Detectors

Low-Cost Precision Supervisors and Detectors with Industry-Standard Functionality and Pin-Outs.  Microchip Supervisor and Detector Products are well suited for portable and consumer electrics applications due to the extremely low operating current, small surface-mount packaging and flexible functionality.

Power Modules

Microchip's highly integrated power module solutions are designed to simplify the system power design process while offering exceptional performance. These modules feature a complete switching power supply solution in an ultra-compact, thermally-enhanced, rugged QFN package.

Power Switches

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