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Optical Networking


OTN or Optical Transport

As the world moves into the Big Data era and 100G, the optical transport networks that interconnect datacenters have been put into the forefront in order to deliver dynamic, efficient and reliable cloud services. OTN is the convergence protocol for packet optical transport networks, from Metro Access through to the Metro Core. Microsemi's OTN processors lead in innovation, integration, and power, delivering quickest time-to-market and lowest R&D expense for the original equipment manufacturer and minimizing total cost of ownership for the service provider. Read More>>

PM6010 DIGI-G5, built for the cloud and 5G data transport era, DIGI-G5 is Microsemi’s newest addition to the award-winning DIGI franchise. DIGI-G5 enables packet optical transport platforms to triple in capacity while slashing power consumption by 50 percent per port. DIGI-G5 delivers an unprecedented 1.2 terabits per second of combined OTN, and client interfaces supporting 10GE, 25GE, 50GE, 200GE, 400GE, Flexible Ethernet (FlexE), and Flexible OTN (FlexO). DIGI-G5 provides dense “Beyond 100G” (B100G) OTN transport support for cloud-scale 100G+ P-OTPs, DWDM, data center interconnect (DCI), and mobile fronthaul.

Multi-Service OTN Processors

Carrier Ethernet/OTN PHYs

Mobile Fronthaul

DIGI Mobile Fronthaul Solution
  • CPRI Option 5 and 7 into 100G OTU4
  • CPRI, 10GE, 25GE, 40GE, and 100GE
  • Optional link security
HyPHY Mobile Fronthaul Solution
  • Optimized for CPRI Option 3 into 10G OTU2
  • Supports CPRI 1-5, 100M, GE, and 10GE

OTN Timing

  • ZL30169 3-Input, 3-Output Translator
  • ZL30182 Dual Channel Any-to-Any Translator
  • ZL30174 Triple Channel Translator

Optical Ethernet

Optical Ethernet Framers
10GE Optical Ethernet PHYs
  • Tag-in-the-Clear MACsec across non-MACsec aware networks
  • No Packet Delay Variation (PDV) impact to IEEE 1588 timing
  • FIPS 197-certified GCM-AES 256-bit strength flow-based MACsec

Optical Modulator Drivers

WinPath Network Processors

  • Programmable data path
  • SDN/OpenFlow compatible
  • Balanced & symmetric architecture
  • Hardware accelerators including IPSec
  • Internal SRAM and external DDR3 SDRAM