Linear Solutions: Amplifiers, Comparators and DC Power / Current Sensing


Linear Solutions: Amplifiers, Compartators and DC Power / Current Sensing

Microchip offers a broad portfolio of linear solutions featuring Operational Amplifiers (Op Amp), Instrumentation Amplifiers (INA), Comparators, Programmable Gain Amplifiers (PGAs), and DC Power/Current Sensing.

Maximize the performance of your design by using the industry’s lowest power with best in class offset voltages! Combine these performance benefits with small packaging optimizes system performance in a wide variety of applications for the Consumer, Industrial, Medical, and Automotive applications.


Low Power, Rail-to-Rail Input/Output, Single-Supply Operational Amplifiers

Microchip’s linear portfolio features the world’s highest performing operational amplifier (op amp) technology that offers industry leading offset voltage and quiescent current specifications. With Gain-Bandwidth products (GBWP) ranging from 9 kHz -410 MHz, Microchip’s Op Amps feature the lowest quiescent current (IQ) for a given GBWP, making them the perfect solution low power applications that demand extended battery runtime. Our portfolio of premium amplifiers are also AEC-Q100 qualified with a wide operating temperature range for the most demanding applications, including those within the industrial and automotive markets. All amplifier families are available in single, dual and quad configurations and feature small packaging to minimize board space.

General Purpose Amplifiers

GBWP from 9 kHz to 410 MHz Operating voltage as low as 1.4V Supply current as low as 450 nA Enhanced EMI Rejection

Precision Amplifiers

VOS less than 150 µV Ultra Low Quiescent Current Temperature Range of -40°C to +125°C

Zero Drift Amplifiers

High DC Precision VOS as low as 2 µV Low offset drift 50 nV/°C Superior CMRR/PSRR Low Quiescent Current

Instrumentation Amplifiers Products

Comparators Products

Programmable Gain Amplifiers Products


Selectable Gain Amplifiers Products

Current And Power Measurement ICs Products

Low Frequency Communication




In Production

The MCP2030 is an analog front end for low frequency sense and response applications such as hands-free access to vehicles, homes

or data. Additionally this device can be used in tire pressure monitoring.


  • Sensitivity 1 mV
  • Mod. Sens. Depth 6%
  • 3-channel input for 3-axis reception
  • Dynamically tunable channels
Parameter NameValue
Operation Voltage Min. (V)+2
Operation Voltage Max. (V)+3.6
Carrier Freq. (kHz)125
Input Sensitivity (mVpp)1
Low Standby Current (typ)5 uA when all channels enabled
Low Operating Current (typ)13 uA when all channels enabled
Programmable Output TypeDemodulated Output (amplitude), RSSI, or Carrier Clock
RSSI OutputAnalog Current
Detectable Amplitude Modulation Depth (min)8%, 14 %, 33%, or 66 %

Power/Current Monitors

Systems designers know that before they can manage power, they first need to measure it.   These power monitoring ICs measure power, voltage and current, while providing the calculated power over an I2C interface.

Power consumption figures into cost of ownership for many industries: networking, communication, and computing.  By means of active configuration over the I2C, these power monitors can help conserve power.  With this in mind, systems can be designed for lower or higher power, voltage, and current case scenarios.

These I2C power monitors are based on the traditional high-side current sensor.  The current monitors can measure voltage rails from 0V to 40V.  Several of the devices also come with temperature sensors for where we see high power we need thermal management.
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