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GPS/GNSS Modules with integrated antenna – Hornet Series


The Hornet GPS/GNSS series features an integrated antenna that minimizes design resources and risks associated with antenna and GPS receiver integration, improving time-to-market, while maintaining the world’s smallest size and unmatched sensitivity.

  • World’s smallest footprint
  • Integrated antenna
  • Power-efficient
  • Ultrasensitive
  • Minimum ground plan size
  • Multiple constellations


Hornet Series

Hornet ORG4502

Hornet ORG4502 GNSS module interfaced via ZIF connector. Ideal for applications where GPS/GNSS is an option.

Hornet ORG1518

Hornet ORG1518 GNSS module with larger patch antenna for high-performance in lowest signal-level environments.

Hornet ORG1510

Hornet ORG1510 World’s smallest multi-constellation antenna module enabling high-performance in multiple applications.

Hornet ORG1418

Hornet ORG1418 GPS receiver with larger patch antenna for maximum performance

Hornet ORG1415

Hornet ORG1415 Fully integrated GPS receiver with increased noise immunity

Hornet ORG1411

Hornet ORG1411 World’s lowest-profile patch-antenna module enabling small product form factors.

Hornet ORG1410

Hornet ORG1410 World’s smallest GPS-only antenna module for cost-sensitive applications.