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GPS/GNSS Modules -Spider Series


Spider GPS Modules

The Spider GPS/GNSS series’ small size provides the designer exceptional flexibility, substantial reductions in product size, and no-compromise performance. It resolves the industry’s acute pain points of lack of accuracy and unreliability, and helps your customers remain competitive.

  • World’s smallest footprint
  • Minimum product size
  • Ultra-sensitive
  • Power-efficient
  • Maximal design freedom
  • Multiple constellations

Spider Series

Spider ORG4572

Fully-integrated, multi-constellation GNSS module


Spider ORG4500

Spider ORG4500 World’s smallest multi-constellation module at only 4.1×4.1 mm.


Spider ORG4475

Spider ORG4475 Fully-integrated GPS receiver in a compact form factor

Spider ORG4472

Spider ORG4472 Fully-integrated GPS receiver for broad-market applications.

Spider ORG4400

World’s smallest GPS module at only 4.1×4.1 mm.

Spider ORG4033

Spider ORG4033 World’s smallest multi-constellation module supporting 10 Hz update rates.