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Analog: Temperature Sensors and Fan Controllers


Microchip thermal sensors are tailored to a variety of desired tasks. Analog temperature sensors output voltage interface well with ADCs. Digital temperature sensors, both local and remote, are I2C or SPI compatible. Temperature switches result in on/off logic control. Closed loop fan control includes look-up tables, PID loop control, alert to locked rotors and blocked air path. A majority of the PWM and linear fan controllers feature integrated temperature sensing.

Local Temperature Sensor IC

Microchip’s line of digital local temperature sensors are single channel digital output temperature sensors for monitoring various heat sources.  These I2C and SPI sensors have typical temperature accuracy performance capability to deliver up to ±0.25°C or ± 0.5°C. They are good for placement next to a heat source or air flow temperature location on circuit board.  Selectable temperature resolutions and conversion rates, multiple critical temperature limits, fault-tolerance queuing, selectable hysteresis thresholds, and non-volatile configuration and temperature registers to retain settings even when devices are powered off. Industry-first solutions that integrate Microchip’s industry-leading non-volatile memory technology to allow customers to not only store critical system temperature data but also application-specific configuration, user preference data, and temperature event data logging.

Features Devices


  • 0.5°C Accuracy
  • Integrated non-volatile registers
  • 8 KB Serial EEPROM
  • 2x3 DFN-8 Package


  • 0.25°C Accuracy
  • 3 user selectable temperature limits
  • User Selectable Measurement Resolution
  • 2x3 DFN-8 Package


  • 1°C Accuracy
  • 3.4MHz Clock Frequency Max
  • Power Saving One-Shot Mode
  • 4-ball or 5-ball Wafer-level CSP Packages

Remote Temperature Sensor IC

Microchips remote temp sensors are digital temp sensors for monitoring multiple heat sources.  The I2C / SMBus sensors deliver +/-1 C maximum accuracy performance.  For placement on a large circuit board or off-board with connectors, the remote temperature sensor can reach hundreds of feet.  By utilizing resistance error correction (REC), series resistance effects can be eliminated up to 100 Ω automatically, while maintaining +/-1 C.  For advance processors, the remote temperature sensing can connect to substrate diode pins and use beta compensation to measure temperatures on CPU, GPU, FPGAs and ASICs.

Features Devices


  • 8-channel monitoring
  • Block read and write
  • Highlights hottest channel


  • 4 channel monitoring
  • 3x3 VDFN-10
  • Anti-parallel diodes


  • 3 channel monitoring
  • Ideality factor correction
  • Automatic beta compensation

Fan Controller ICs

Microchips fan controller ICs are primarily PWM fan controllers with a few linear drive offerings. Half of the PWM fan control ICs utilize closed-loop fan control with I2C, look-up tables, PID loop control, ramp rate control, spin-up control, alerts for locked rotors and blocked air path. They also contain integrated temperature sensors for multiple measurement zones.

The remaining PWM fan controllers are open loop fan controllers, where Fan-Sense technology protects against fan and system failure and eliminates the need for 3-wire fans. In these fan controller ICs, the temperature is proportional to fan speed control.

Featured Devices


  • 1 PWM fan driver
  • Closed loop or direct I2C drive
  • 0.5% Tach accuracy


  • 5 PWM fan drivers
  • Closed loop or direct I2C drive
  • Spin up and ramp rate control


  • 2 PWM fan drivers
  • 5 channels of temperature monitoring
  • Lookup table for 8 PWM to temperature settings

Thermocouple Conditioning ICs

Microchip's MCP9600, MCP96L00 and MCP96RL00 thermocouple conditioning ICs convert thermocouple Electro-Motive Force (EMF) to degree Celsius with integrated cold-junction compensation. These devices integrate a precision high-resolution Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) and a precision high-accuracy temperature sensor to include precision instrumentation that corrects the thermocouple nonlinear error characteristics of eight different thermocouple types. The MCP9600/L00/RL00 devices output up to ±1.5°C accurate temperature data for the selected thermocouple and available in a space-saving 5×5 mm QFN package.

Thermocouple Conditioning IC Design Benefits

  • World’s first fully integrated thermocouple to degrees Celsius converter ICs
  • Simplifies designs by combining a high-precision ADC, high-accuracy temperature sensor and a preprogrammed math engine into a single package
  • Easy-to-use MCP9600/L00/RL00 Thermocouple Development Kit allows you to quickly accelerate your design to production
  • The MCP9600 features a ±0.5°C (Typ.) measurement accuracy, the MCP96L00 has a ±2°C (Typ.) measurement accuracy and the MCP96RL00 has a ±4°C (Typ.) measurement accuracy