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Aerospace and Defense


Microchip’s Continued Commitment to the Aerospace and Defense Industry

For over 30 years, Microchip France Aerospace has been a leading provider of highly integrated solutions, serving a wide variety of aerospace applications, delivering leading-edge, highly integrated technology and solutions to the AeroSpace Industry. Microchip is proud to continue delivering the same high-quality solutions and services which customers have come to expect from Atmel’s flight heritage, and to expand this portfolio with rad-tolerant and extended temperature devices.

Microchip uses the latest innovative commercial technologies such as 8-bit AVR® MCUs, Arm® and dsPIC®-based MCUs, adapting these to rad-hard, rad-tolerant and high-reliability application requirements in order to provide proven solutions, volumes and long-term reliability. With more than 20,000 flight models per year delivered in a wide range of aerospace and defense applications (space, avionics, military and harsh environments), our offering affords extended temperature, radiation tolerant or hardened devices issued from our widely deployed Microchip products portfolio to reduce your costs, to boost your time to market and to improve performances of your critical system.

Microchip offers long term supply commitment, full traceability, the most demanding qualification flows, and a rich ecosystem: reference hardware, software environment and transversal system solutions with a dedicated support team for Aerospace and Defense.

High Reliability

In addition to the rad-hard and rad-tolerant product portfolios, Microchip offers extended temperature products in the -55°C to +125°C range. These products are selected for their maturity owing to large, successful deployment in automotive and industrial markets, and they benefit from the following services:

  • Full traceability and long term supply beside high volume commercial flow
  • Hi-Rel qualification flow according to AQEC recommendations
  • On demand screening options according to applications criticity
  • Full temperature range -55°C/125°C tests, characterization & qualification
  • Plastic and Hermetic ceramic packages with same pin out distribution
  • Neutron latch immune and by functional blocks SEU characterization options

See Rad Tolerant devices for the first list of available extended temperature devices.

Beyond our available high-reliability solutions, please see the overall Microchip portfolio and ask for a Hi-Rel version; we will be pleased to assess feasibility according to your specific needs.

Radiation Tolerant

Microchip has over 30 years of experience with creating integrated solutions for the aerospace industry. The new Rad Tolerant family uses Microchip AVR®, SMART ARM® and dsPIC widely deployed MCUs to produce Aerospace devices using proven and industry-leading technology (core and peripherals). Rad Tolerant devices are more robust against all radiations effects (neutrons, heavy ions and protons) to insure latch up immunity and non-destruction in critical environment. Compatible with the Microchip Studio development platform and commercial evaluation kits, the Rad Tolerant devices make product ramp up easy while lowering BOM and time-to-market.